WaterWipes Review – The Wipes that Made me Switch Brands

WaterWipes-Sensitive-Baby-Wipes review (2)

A year ago I shared with you my first experience using WaterWipes, the only chemical free baby wipe that contains just two ingredients: 99.9% pure irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. After trying them, I did something I rarely do. I switched brands!

I hardly ever do this. Why? I know what I like and what works for my family. I don’t like trying out all kinds of new things on babies. I want what’s safest for them and don’t want to irritate their skin. Jax was my first baby with sensitive skin and when I found something that I liked I wanted to stick with it.

That being said, once I saw how nothing came close to being as natural as WaterWipes, I had to give them a try. Now I’ll never go back. This is the first wipe that I’ve used that doesn’t cause pain with a diaper rash because there’s no alcohol. Can you imagine putting alcohol on an open cut? That’s basically what we do when we use wipes with alcohol on our babies raw skin.WaterWipes-Sensitive-Baby-Wipes

At the time, they weren’t easy to find. Now a year later with their increasing popularity, you can easily find them at your local Babies R Us and Target stores. Check here to get them from Amazon.com.

I like to buy the 60 count packs because I can stick them in my purse, keep one on the changing table, one in the car and one in the kitchen to quickly wipe sticky faces and hands.

They come in handy like in the picture at the top where Jax spilled his fruit smoothie all over himself and his car seat in the car!

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They also offer a great value pack with 4 of the containers of 60 count wipes. You save a little by buying in bulk. Since wipes have now been in my home for almost ten years, I know I’ll be using them all and it’s not something that’ll go to waste by buying in large quantities!

Right now WaterWipes is sponsoring an awesome giveaway ff (5) $100 Babies R Us gift cards! Head on down below to enter and be sure to pick up a pack of these next time you are shopping to try them for yourself. It’s hard to make decisions about what to get when you are looking at a whole aisle of options but you just can’t go wrong with the purest baby wipe available. Seriously, best wipes ever!

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