Taking Flight with Super Wings now at Walmart! #SuperWings

My kids often get hooked on tv shows and then want to buy every toy out there. In the case of Super Wings however, it was the other way around! My three year old Jax loves Transformers! Unfortunately they are made for older kids and he’s easily frustrated by them. He loves the Super Wings […]

How to Keep Baby Happy with the new Rear Facing Laws! @TinyLove #TinyLove

Effective in 2017, a new rear facing law goes into effect that requires babies are not forward facing until two years. This has many people very upset, even though the law is designed to protect their baby. Many of the unhappy parents reasons include that their baby isn’t happy if they can’t see them and […]

Design & Drill Thrill Again! @Edu_Insights #EducationalInsights

I recently shared about the Design & Drill Race Car Set we got for Jax. I think the only way to top this Power Play Vehicle was with the Monster Truck! This one is very similar to the race car set except that it’s a Monster Truck. It comes with everything needed to build their own Monster […]

Experience Magical Travel this Christmas! @bonjourpetitus #bonjourpetitboutique #holidaygiftguide

We got the Sevi Airport right after our Grandma and Grandpa visited. We pick them up and drop them off at the airport each time they visit, so it was perfect timing to put the Sevi Airport together to play and talk about their travels. I think the best part about it was putting it […]

I Think I Love K’NEX Even More Than my Kids! @KNEX #KNEX #Review & #Giveaway

My husband and I have very different responses to K’nex! He sees them and says “oh no” because he thinks I’m going to make him help put them together with the kids like I do with Lego sets. But there’s just something about K’nex that speaks to my engineering brain! I love, love, love putting […]

Target Reveals 2015 Top Toys List and I Spy Some Favorites! @Target #Target #TopToysList

Target has announced it’s top toys of 2015 and I spy some favorites as well as some items on my holiday shopping list! The Star Wars BB-8 Droid R/C (Target Exclusive) pictured above is definitely on my list! I just haven’t decided if it’s for my seven year old or thirty nine year old! Our whole family […]

The Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag Keeps Jax Entertained! #Review #CARGOBAG

Jax is eighteen months old now and in typical boy fashion, he loves cars! His love started early and he points them out on the road now and car was one of his first words. With an older brother and sister we do a lot of things on the go. His life is basically watching […]

BOOM! Brachiosaurus Backhoe from Educational Insights Review @ed_insights #educationalinsights #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts Little boys love any kind of vehicle and for that matter, so do a lot of girls! My five year old daughter is a girly girl but she also loves to play with her brothers toys, especially when it’s as cool as BOOM the Brachiosaurus Backhoe from Educational Insights! The Appearance This guy […]

International Playthings Has Toys for Every Kid on Your List! Check out this Light Up Drummin Fun Set and Enter to Win one! #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts For some reason it’s really hard for me to shop for babies. It’s been quite a few years since I was at this stage with my older two and I can never remember what they were into at this age. With Jax he’s very active and likes toys that do things and he […]

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture (#Dollhouse, #KidKraft, #PaigeRiley)

My Thoughts Paige is really hard to shop for. I mean she loves everything so she’s easy in that regard. But all that she does is play with dolls in her dollhouses! Since that’s what she spends her days doing, I wanted her to have the biggest, best dollhouse I could find! Within reason of […]

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