How To Make Sure Your Dog Is Healthy

Exercise Is Key Image source Make sure that your dog has as much as exercise as it needs. Some smaller breeds just need to go and walk around the block a couple of times a day but if you want to get a larger breed of dog then you need to be aware that it’ll […]

I’m Keeping my Fur Baby Healthy this Holiday Season! #Giveaway @GoHealthyPaws #GoHealthyPaws

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance ® provided me with the information, light-up leash, and gift card to facilitate this post. Long before I had my own dog I heard the horrors of how expensive it could be to take a dog to the vet. I quickly learned the hard way how true this was! I think a […]

I’m Keeping my Dogs Safe with Reflective Collars from @Blueberry Pet #BlueberryPet

      We do a lot of camping and spending time outdoors at night. I worry about the safety of my dogs, especially since they are really little! One great solution to this is reflective collars. If light hits them, it reflects light so it makes them more visible. I like Blueberry Pet for […]

Belle’s New Favorite Collar Really Suits her! #BlueberryPet #Pets

When we first got our dogs we got them a couple of cheapie collars at the local department store. They were super thin with nothing to them except basically a band and a clasp. Needless to say, they didn’t last long! When I start getting products from Blueberry Pet and saw the difference in quality, […]

Belle is Pretty in Pink! #BlueberryPet #Pet #Harness

We couldn’t get Odie a new harness without getting Belle her own! After all, we have to be fair! Odie is super handsome in his step in harness but since Belle is just a puppy, I wanted something a little gentler for her, and more feminine of course! Since she is just a couple of […]

Orange is the New Black for Dogs Too! #BlueberryPet #DogHarness

We have tried other Dog Harnesses from Blueberry Pet so I already knew they would be top quality. I needed one for Odie and since he is a boy I wanted a boy color! I thought this Orange and black was really cute! After all, orange is the new black for dogs too! It also […]

Even Dogs Want to Look Pretty! #BlueberryPet #BlueberryPet #DogHarness

As a parent, it’s super annoying when people call my baby “she” when he’s a boy and they did the same thing when my daughter was a baby. I find it almost as annoying when people assume that a dog is a boy or a girl based on it’s color or how pretty they are […]

Brace Yourself for Cuteness Overload! #BlueberryPet #Pets

I have been really happy with the quality of the items we’ve received from Blueberry Pet like the dog bed and dog collar so I had no doubt a holiday sweater would be no exception. What I wasn’t prepared for was the level of cuteness! He looks like a little reindeer! The pom pom on […]

Don’t Forget your Furbaby this Christmas! #BlueberryPet #Pets

I used to think that people that referred to their pets as their “Furbaby” were a little bit crazy…until I got my dog. Now I get it. They are a part of your family! We got our first family dog Odie around the holiday season last year so it seemed appropriate to get him a […]

Odie is Comfy Cozy in his New Bed! #BlueberryPet

Odie is our first family pet so he might be a little bit spoiled! I admit I went overboard when we got him last year buying him everything I thought he would need. Of course, like my kids, I got it wrong the first time! I didn’t know what to buy so often when left […]

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