Now Veggies are Steamin’ Easy!

I have been trying to eat healthier and that includes making fresh vegetables instead of eating canned or frozen. The problem was I didn’t want to buy an expensive steamer. I didn’t realize until I did a little research you could get a simple steamer like this that wasn’t electric. I could tell right away […]

Drink Like Nobody’s Watching! #Fineware

I love this wine glass! I thought the saying on it was hilarious: drink like nobody’s watching. It’s a play on the popular meme “dance like nobody’s watching.” We all act differently when we know we’re being watched so the idea is to be as free as you would be if you were alone! Now personally […]

My Upgraded Dish Drying System #Review #LakeHouse

My kitchen has never been very fancy but I’m trying to change that and make small changes here and there. I recently did the backsplash which made it look so much nicer but then everything else looked shabby in comparison! I used to use the old method of lying a towel on the counter and […]

Ozeri Swiss Designed FRESHSPIN Salad Spinner and Serving Bowl is Great for Holiday Meals! @Ozeri #Ozeri #HolidayGiftGuide

The holidays are officially here and you know what that means; it’s time to eat! Food is a central theme for most holiday gatherings. People have traditional meals that they serve year after year while others try something new for the holiday menu. While we have a traditional meal, once in a while we mix […]

What’s on Your Plate this Holiday Season? @TheMelKit #TheMelKit #HolidayGiftGuide

With three kids, a lot of things get broken! From broken toys to dishes and sometimes even furniture; it’s hard to find things that are truly childproof. In fact my littlest just broke one of my favorite bowls and I’m literally down to two left from an original set of eight. It was time to […]

The Ozeri OZK1 Elite Chef Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set is Great for the Holidays #Review @Ozeri #Ozeri

I just shared my thoughts on the Ozeri knife stand and this is the Elite Chef Ceramic 3 piece knife set that goes with it. With the holidays quickly approaching, cooking and recipes are at the forefront of my mind. We had an old knife set that was in desperate need of replacement so this […]

This Ozeri 3-Piece Adjustable Ceramic Knife Stand is Classy! @Ozeri #Ozeri

Our knife stand was one of those old school wooden blocks that looked like it had seen better days! While there was technically nothing wrong with it; it was definitely outdated. I had no idea they even made knife stands as nice as this one from Ozeri! The stand holds three knives, specifically the Elite […]

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall Insulated Beverage and Coffee Glasses #Review @Ozeri #Ozeri

Whether you like your beverage hot or cold; the Ozeri Serafino double wall insulated beverage and coffee glasses hold it all! Lately I’ve been really into iced coffee but I’m always worried about glasses breaking when dealing with hot and cold beverages. For iced coffee I filled these with ice, then put it under my […]

When Perfection Calls: The Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale #Review @Ozeri #Ozeri

I admit I’m not a huge chef. Ok fine, I barely cook! But on occasion when the mood strikes, I do like to have the latest kitchen tools I need at my disposal to make a fabulous meal! Ozeri makes wonderful bath scales so I figured their kitchen scale would be similar. I like to […]

Silicone Oven Mitt, Heat Resistant Potholder Gloves For Cooking & BBQ, Set of 2 #Review #OvenMitt

I never even knew oven mitts like this existed before I got this set of Silicone Oven Mitts! Wow I was missing out! Do you have oven mitts that look like this? Mine are all dirty, sticky and burned. They have been subjected to some abuse and it shows! With these oven mitts none of […]

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