Detangling my Daughter’s Unmanageable Hair is a Daily Challenge! @SoCozy #SoCozy

My six year old daughter’s hair is always a hot mess! I used to see kids like this before having my own and think, their mama didn’t care about them much! Now I know the truth! Some kids hair is just hard to manage. I brush Paige’s hair and twenty minutes later it looks a […]

Help Tame those Curls with SoCozy! @SoCozy #SoCozy

Sadly none of my three children have curly hair. I have naturally wavy hair but no curls. It looks like my niece Tiffany got all the curl genes in the family! The problem is her hair can get really frizzy and wild and crazy. Sometimes it looks like a big puffy cloud to me! She […]

Taking Care of my Color Treated Hair! #StrivectinHair

Now that I’ve entered a new decade of life in my forties, I have also encountered a new type of hair: gray! I still feel like I’m not old enough for gray hair but alas, there it is! It’s rearing it’s ugly head right in front in my bangs and on the sides around my […]

My Hair’s Looking Fat this Year! @FatHairOfficial #FatHair.hoyu #HolidayGiftGuide

I have kind of sad, limp hair. I have a lot of it but it just doesn’t want to do a whole lot for me. I have to use product to get it to cooperate with me. I don’t like using a whole lot either though because then it weighs down my hair and causes […]

Time for Crazy Hair Day! #Bigen #HolidayGiftGuide

Every year at school the kids have crazy hair day. I always dread it because I don’t know what to do! I’m just not that creative when it comes to things like this. I need help! This year the kids told me they wanted their hair different colors. Oh boy! I had to find something […]

Detangling Hair Brush for Wet or Dry Hair #Review #epiquebeauty

My daughter has super tangly hair. I mean it is awful! It is constantly a daily battle to brush it. It’s the worst part of my every morning. Recently I decided to make it a priority to find something that worked for her. I wasn’t holding my breath on finding the perfect solution but I […]

I Have the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Line to Thank for my Thicker, Healthier Hair! @nunaat #nunaat

My poor hair takes a lot of abuse and it shows! After having a baby I always seem to lose a ton of hair and it really takes a long time to get it back. This last time really took a toll and a year later I still felt like my hair was in sad […]

Get a Sleek, Straight Look with Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener #FlatIronHairStraightener

  My Thoughts After having three kids a lot of things have changed about my body. While I expected that, I didn’t expect my hair to change as well! First it fell out for several months and then when it came back in it was wavy in some spots! I really don’t like wavy, frizzy […]

Get her a Stocking Stuffer she will Appreciate with So Cozy! @SoCozy_ #SoCozyforkids #HolidayGiftGuide

  My Thoughts There are just two girls in our house and we both have hair issues! Paige’s hair is kind of thin and easily tangled. She has that hair that looks like it needs to be brushed about ten minutes after I’ve brushed it Mine is much thicker but tends to dry out easily, […]

More Cute Hair Accessories from #HipGirlBoutique! #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts This past week we had another “bang incident” as I now refer to them. Several times now Paige has gotten ahold of a pair of scissors and given herself a little trim! When her bangs get too long and she wants them out of her eyes, she just snips away without a thought […]

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