Ozeri BP4M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor #Review @Ozeri #Ozeri

    It’s hard to get in to see my regular Doctor whenever I want and more often then not I end up in Urgent Care. While there are some things that you have to see a Doctor for, it’s nice to have the option to monitor certain things at home. I can call a […]

The KEY to Bike Safety #Abus

With a family of five, we do lots of bike riding, especially in these warm summer months. Our local grocery store is just two miles away as well as an ice cream parlor and drugstore. Sometimes we like to jump on our bikes and ride over for exercise while we do small errands. Sadly I […]

Meet my New Favorite Scale! #Review @Ozeri #Ozeri

  I have tried many different scales and the Ozeri Touch is by far my favorite! It has several unique features that I’ve never seen in one scale before that really set it apart from the rest. First of all, I love that it has options to measure pets, infants and luggage! They do weigh […]

I Couldn’t Find the Perfect Phone Case; so I Made my Own! @PutaCaseonMe #PutaCaseonMe

I have gone through so many phone cases for my iPhone I’ve lost count! Some break, some peel away and others I just never really liked. When in search of the perfect iPhone case, I could never find “the one.” I have tried custom phone cases before but they always disappointed. They would be the […]

Keeping Cool in the Summer Heat! @Ozeri #Ozeri

Summer is almost upon us and in Southern California we’ve already had many spring days that felt more like summer with temperatures reaching the upper eighties. Our house is energy efficient with dual paned windows and a house fan to keep air circulating. We also have shutters that really help with temperature control. It usually […]

All I want for Mother’s Day is a Good Night’s Sleep! #RestOn #Review & #Giveaway

This will be my eight year celebrating Mothers Day as a mom. That means it’s been eight years since I had regular sleep! My youngest is two and still doesn’t sleep through the night every night but I’m hoping these nights are soon coming to an end. Sleep is so important for renewal of the […]

Finally a Nightlight with Just the Right Amount of Light! #Home #Nightlight

With three kids we go thru lots of night lights! We have tried many different versions from simple single bulbs to character lights and everything between. Basically if their rooms are not at least partially illuminated they are still scared. A little light against the wall doesn’t do the trick because their room is still […]

Ready for Some Night Time Barbecue’s! #BBQ

My barbecue gets a lot of usage because it’s basically the only way I know how to cook meat! Sometimes we get home late and I have to cook in the dark so a barbecue grill light became a necessity! I was immediately impressed with this Cave Tools light because it came in a nice, […]

It’s Officially Grilling Season! #BBQ #Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s officially barbecue season! I actually barbecue all year long because it’s the best way to cook meat but I enjoy it much more with this beautiful weather we’ve been having in Southern California! A good set of barbecue tools is essential! I’ve tried a few different sets so […]

Ozeri ZB21 WeightMaster Scale Keeps me Honest! @Ozeri #Ozeri

  Losing weight is hard business, especially now that I’ve officially entered my forties! The weight just doesn’t come off as easily as it used to so every ounce lost is a small victory! So much of it is psychological that every little bit of encouragement helps! I just got this scale that has color […]

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