Serve up some Fun with Brownie Match™ Game @Edu_Insights #EducationalInsights

My kids love playing games and they are especially fun around the holidays like now when they have a week off school for Thanksgiving. They have been playing together and with friends and a new favorite is the Brownie Match ™ Game! This game has instant appeal, probably because everyone loves brownies! My seven year […]

Master the Magic of the Elemons! #BlueOrangeGames

  I love that my kids are at the age where they are really into playing games! It gives them something to do that is NOT electronic and uses their thinking skills while having fun! We have been playing Gigamons together and my seven and eight year olds love it! Gigamons starts out a lot […]

Top That is Fun for the Whole Family! #BlueOrangeGames #FamilyGameNight

We love to try out a new game for family game night and Top That appealed to all three of my kids aged 2, 7, and 8. It’s recommended for players aged 6 and up so the 2 year old needed help but the other two caught on quickly! The premise of the game is […]

Fairy Tale Fun with Rapunzel! @Edu_Insights #EducationalInsights

My seven year old daughter recently did her first Once Upon a Craft set the twelve dancing princesses and she was immediately hooked and eager to do another! This time we tried the Rapunzel one. Just like the other set it came with a book and two easy crafts that include everything you need in […]

Explore even More with GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope! #Review @Edu_Insights #EducationalInsights

My little explorer just loves new tools to help him learn more about his world! Since this is the age of discovery, I want to encourage learning about as much as I can while his brain is like a sponge soaking up the information AND while he still wants to! If a few bright colored […]

A new Princess was crowned and it’s not who You’d Expect! @Edu_Insights #EducationalInsights

When we got the new game Wave of the Wand – A Cinderella Game; I asked my kids who wanted to play, fully expecting it to be just my daughter Paige and me. My eight year old son surprised me when he said he wanted to play! Just because it’s a Cinderella theme, does not […]

More Family Fun on Game Night! @BlueOrangeGamesUSA #BlueOrangeGamesUSA

  I recently shared about our experience playing the new Dr Eureka from Blue Orange Games for Family Game Night and we just tried another called Fast Flip that was  just as fun! I’ve found that my kids really enjoy game that involve quick thinking and speed so this was a perfect fit for them. […]

Time for Some Family Fun with Game Night! #GameNight #BlueOrangeGamesUSA @BlueOrangeGamesUSA

Game night is always fun in our house and my kids absolutely love to try out new ones whenever they get the chance! Sometimes it’s hard to find ones everyone likes and that all my kids are able to play. A new favorite from Blue Orange Gams is Dr. Eureka. I actually opened this up […]

Now we can Play Chess on the go! #LoveParkProducts

I confess I never learned how to play chess growing up. I always heard it was so complicated that I had no interest in learning it. Then my eight year old learned how to play in Cub Scouts and I figured if a bunch of kids can learn to play, so can I! My son […]

We’re Learning to Count! #Counting

Jax just turned two and so we’ve really started working on things like learning his colors, shapes and how to count. I try to get him educational toys that accomplish this while he’s having fun! Montessori is known for their highly effective teaching methods so I was really excited about this Domino Set that helps […]

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