The Finest Hours is on DVD Today! #TheFinestHoursMovie #Review

I love a good suspenseful action packed thriller so I was really looking forward to The Finest Hours which is out on DVD today! There is something about knowing that it’s based on a true story that ads to the excitement of it all! I had a little bit of a difficult time getting into it […]

I CAN Feel the Love Tonight with Disney The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar! @Disney #Disney

I am of the generation that grew up on The Lion King and so any and all things relating to it bring back a huge sense of nostalgia for me. While I was a little bit older teen when it came out, my niece and nephew made this their most watched movie of choice. I […]

Finding Dory – New Trailer Now Available!!! @FindingDory #PixarFindingDory

I have a friend that nicknamed me Dory after Finding Nemo came out because I am constantly forgetting things. When I saw that Dory was going to star in her own movie Finding Dory, I was thrilled! A movie all about ME! Just kidding but seriously, who doesn’t love Dory? This lovable forgetful fish swims […]

God’s Club Starring Stephen Baldwin and Lorenzo Lamas #Review #GodsClub

It’s the age old debate of separation of church and state. Does that apply to after hours clubs at schools? The parents at Michael Evans school seem to think so and when he tries to start the God’s Club that was his late wife’s hearts desire; it stirs up a lot of trouble. Trying to […]

Lego Star Wars Droid Tales #Review #LegoStarWars

My entire family is obsessed with Star Wars AND with Lego’s. We have the Lego Star Wars video games which is how my oldest son first became interested in Star Wars. He thought the movies were based on the video game and not the other way around! We had to educate him a little and […]

Bridge of Spies is out TODAY on Blu-Ray & Digital HD! @BridgeofSpies #BridgeofSpies

I am a huge Tom Hanks fan so his name is really the only thing I need to see to want to watch a movie! However, I also love a good spy thriller so I was doubly excited to see Bridge of Spies! Add Spielberg’s name to the mix and you are almost guaranteed a […]

Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas – Own it on Blu-ray™ Combo, DVD & Digital HD NOW! #Elf #HolidayGiftGuide #HolidayMovies

We had some rough weather on our latest Thanksgiving camping trip so we spent an entire day watching movies and playing games. With five people and two dogs stuck inside a trailer, a new holiday movie was exactly what we needed to lift everyone’s spirits and most importantly, be good enough to hold the attention […]

Inside Out new Clip from Pixar! @PixarInsideOut #PixarInsideOut

The other day I shared some fun Halloween Activities for Inside Out, releasing November 3rd on DVD and Blu Ray and today there’s a new short clip I wanted to share! Connect with Inside Out Instagram ♥ Facebook ♥ Twitter About the Movie Synopsis: Do you ever look at someone and wonder what’s going on inside their head? […]

The Good Dinosaur Pumpkin Stencil & New Activity Sheets! #GoodDino @TheGoodDinosaur #TheGoodDino

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a movie! The Good Dinosaur looks like such a great family flick! I know we will all enjoy it from the littlest who’s almost two to the oldest who’s…much older! It opens everywhere November 25th and we are counting down! Check out this adorable […]

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – New Trailer Now Available!!! #StarWars #TheForceAwakens @StarWars

Let the countdown begin! We are ready and waiting! Did you see the new trailer during Monday Night Football last night? If you missed it; you have to check it out! That gave me chills! Who’s excited? I’m excited! About the Movie Lucasfilm and visionary director J.J. Abrams join forces to take you back again […]

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