I Survived Summer! (#ReedLogan, #PaigeRiley)

It’s here! The first day of school has finally arrived. I did it! I survived summer! What? You didn’t do a little happy dance when you shipped them off for their first day? Now don’t get me wrong. There was a part of me that loved having my three kiddos home with me, all day, […]

Update on Reed’s Health (#ReedLogan, #HirschsprungsDisease)

This year my first baby finished Kindergarten and is a big first grader! Where did the time go? We have had a really rough road with Reed but now that we’re near the end of it, it’s incredible to think of how far we have come. I first noticed problems with Reed’s digestion just before […]

K’Nex: Plants Vs. Zombies Review and #Giveaway (@KNex, #BuildKNex)

My Thoughts I have a little six year old boy with an engineering brain and he love, love loves KNex! I knew he’d be beyond excited to check out the Plants vs Zombies Wild West Skirmish Building Set! I used to get so annoyed to help with things like this and make my husband do […]

Angry Birds Action Game from Tactic Review (@TacticGames, #TacticGamesOy, #AngryBirds)

My Thoughts My six year old son Reed is an Angry Birds fanatic! From the bedding in his room to the clothes he wears, toys he plays with and everything between: it’s all about Angry Birds! I knew the Angry Birds Action Game was right up his alley! In all honesty, all it has to […]

In Their Own Time, Not Ours (#ReedLogan, #PaigeRiley, #Milestones)

My Thoughts Today was a big day in the Silvestrini house. Forget big, it was HUGE! Momentous! BOTH our kids ditched the training wheels and learned to ride their bikes the same day! I was at the park with them and a little friend of Paige’s decided he wanted to teach her to ride his bike. His […]

Easter with the Silvestrini’s 2014 (#Easter, #DecoratingEasterEggs, #EasterEggHunt)

  My Thoughts I love, love, love the holidays! I love all the traditions, making memories and focusing on quality time with my kids. As Christians, we understand what Easter is really about and have spent a lot of time talking with our kids about the resurrection. That being said, we do also like to […]

The Pinterest Fairy, er, The TOOTH Fairy Paid Reed a Visit! (#ToothFairy, #ReedLogan)

My Thoughts Yesterday was a momentous occasion in the Silvestrini house. Reed lost his first tooth! We had waited and waited and waited for that loose tooth to come out! I had talked to some friends and asked what the going rate was for the Tooth Fairy knowing this was coming. I figured a buck […]

Horrible Science Slimy Slugs from Galt Toys (@GaltToys, #GaltToys)

My Thoughts What is it about little boys and slime? Actually I guess it would be all kids and slime because my daughter loved these Horrible Science Slimy Slugs from Galt Toys almost as much as my son! The timing of this arriving was actually perfect because my son recently received some other slime for […]

Happy 6th Birthday Reed (#ReedLogan)

Today my baby boy turns 6 years old! Where did the time go? Everyone says to enjoy the time because it passes quickly but that is truly an understatement. It seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time…   Before I knew it we were celebrating his first birthday. Then second… […]

Twigtale Personalized Book Review and #Giveaway (@twigtale, #twigtale)

  Personalized Twigtale writes stories that allow you to change names and details, easily editing the book to make it very specific to your little one. Drag and Drop Using our photo galleries, you can upload your own photos and simply drag and drop them into the book template. Build your child a book in minutes! Share your book Share your experience […]

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