VALUE is Completely Lost on my Daughter; or is She the One that Really Gets it??

Money truly is the root of all evil. In this fallen world where money reigns supreme and each generation surpasses the previous with their sense of entitlement; I shake my head in frustration. Nothing is more cringeworthy to me than hearing a child say something greedy or selfish. How do I raise my children to […]

Your Little Girl will be Thrilled with the Murielle City Dollhouse and I have one for #Giveaway! #Krooom

My Thoughts If there’s one thing my five year old daughter Paige loves in this world; it’s dollhouses! She loves to collect all different kinds and her room is basically wall to wall dollhouses. You would think that would somehow lessen the excitement of getting a new one but not for Paige! She was just […]

Your Little Girl Would Love the Paint a Tea Set from #GaltToys for Christmas! @GaltToys #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts We went on a camping trip for Thanksgiving weekend and there is lots of down time to contend with. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring the Galt Paint a tea set for Paige. Paige is my artistic child and loves painting. She also happens to love tea sets and is […]

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Will Make Little Girls Happy This Christmas! #Giveaway @LittleCosmetics #LittleCosmetics

My Thoughts What little girl doesn’t love to play dress up and do everything exactly like mommy? I know my five year old does! It’s so precious how she loves to copy everything I do from the way I brush my hair to putting on makeup and getting dressed. That’s why I knew she’d adore […]

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones with Boom Mic would Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffer! #KidzGear #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts Last year we got Reed the orange Kidz gear Wired Headphones so this year it was Paige’s turn and just in the nick of time! She is really into music and is always listening and singing along to music on my iPhone. That’s why I was excited to see the new version of […]

Spot it! #Giveaway Based on the Beloved Movie Frozen! #HolidayGiftGuide #BlueOrangeGames

My Thoughts Who doesn’t love Frozen? Even my rugged husband will sit down to watch it with the kids; it’s THAT good! (shhhhh) Like most little girls (and boys) my daughter Paige loves all things Frozen! When I saw Spot it! from Blue Orange Games, I knew it was perfect for her! While the obvious […]

Chatsters: Meet Gabby, Paige’s New Tech Savvy Best Friend!

My Thoughts I have seen a lot of cool toys in my day but this one takes the cake! Chatsters Gabby is unlike anything I’ve seen before! It’s like Paige has this new little best friend to play with that actually talks and plays back, unlike all her other dolls. Paige has been obsessed since […]

How to Have a Princess Tea Party for Around $60 (#BirthdayParty, #TeaParty, #PrincessParty, #PaigeRiley)

First of all, let me start off by saying, I did not intend to have such a cheap party. I normally do more than this BUT after seeing that the kids were just as happy as when I spend WAY more and that Paige said it was “the best party ever,” I realize I have […]

I Survived Summer! (#ReedLogan, #PaigeRiley)

It’s here! The first day of school has finally arrived. I did it! I survived summer! What? You didn’t do a little happy dance when you shipped them off for their first day? Now don’t get me wrong. There was a part of me that loved having my three kiddos home with me, all day, […]

Happy 5th Birthday Paige! (#PaigeRiley)

Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful baby girl who isn’t such a baby anymore! Paige brings us so much joy every day with her antics and her joy and spirit for life. I often envy (no matter how much it drives me crazy) the free spirit of this little girl. It must be amazing to […]

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