VALUE is Completely Lost on my Daughter; or is She the One that Really Gets it??

Money truly is the root of all evil. In this fallen world where money reigns supreme and each generation surpasses the previous with their sense of entitlement; I shake my head in frustration. Nothing is more cringeworthy to me than hearing a child say something greedy or selfish. How do I raise my children to […]

The 5 Summer Traditions I had to Abandon Because of my Toddler #Toddlers #SummerTraditions #JaxRyder

Summer is here in all its splendor and to so many of us that brings to mind beloved traditions from our own childhoods! Playing in the sprinklers, ice cream trucks, riding our bikes and beach trips galore. While these were the things of my childhood, my kids lives look a little bit different. I tried. […]

There’s a Fine Line Between Being Kind and Being Bullied so I’m Teaching my Son Where to Draw it #Bullying

Today at the library I took my fifteen month old to the Toddler class. I always dread it a little bit because he’s at that age where sharing becomes an issue and there’s bound to be conflict. Sure enough, he was playing with a truck when a little boy of about three came up to him […]

The Baltic Amber Teething Necklace by Toogli Really Does Help with Teething!! #AmberTeethingNecklace #Teething

My Thoughts Teething necklaces are one of those things that I totally thought were a fad just for looks and didn’t actually work. That is, until I tried one! Jax started teething at a couple of months old and I bought a teething necklace for him. I instantly noticed the difference when he stopped waking […]

Your Little Girl will be Thrilled with the Murielle City Dollhouse and I have one for #Giveaway! #Krooom

My Thoughts If there’s one thing my five year old daughter Paige loves in this world; it’s dollhouses! She loves to collect all different kinds and her room is basically wall to wall dollhouses. You would think that would somehow lessen the excitement of getting a new one but not for Paige! She was just […]

The First Baby Wrap I Actually Love! #babymorecobabywrap

  My Thoughts I have never been a big “baby wearer.” Jax is my third baby and I have tried so many different things, I finally gave up. Everything seemed to hurt my back or my shoulders, or both, or the baby just didn’t like being in it. For that reason I pretty much just […]

How I Transformed These White Chinese Lanterns for Jax’s First Birthday #whitepaperlanterns

My Thoughts We are getting ready to celebrate my baby Jax’s first birthday! It’s such a magical time and I want to make it as special as possible, without spending a fortune or going overboard. The one show and character he’s show interest in is Mickey Mouse so that’s the theme of his party. Unfortunately […]

Jax’s Favorite new toy is the Musical Stack & Ball Game – Elephant from Tiny Love! @TinyLove, #TinyLove, #HolidayGiftGuide

My  Thoughts I adore elephants! My special stuffed animal growing up was a pink elephant and I would suck my thumb and hold it’s trunk up against my nose! When I had Jax last year, I decided to do his room in elephants because I love them so much. Now I get him elephant things whenever […]

Your Little Girl Would Love the Paint a Tea Set from #GaltToys for Christmas! @GaltToys #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts We went on a camping trip for Thanksgiving weekend and there is lots of down time to contend with. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring the Galt Paint a tea set for Paige. Paige is my artistic child and loves painting. She also happens to love tea sets and is […]

Your Baby Would Love the Baby Bud Booster Seat for Christmas! @Mamasandpapas #MamasandpapasUSA #HolidayGiftGuide

My Thoughts Why does baby gear have to take up so much room? There’s the toys, high chairs, pack n play, crib, bouncer, swing, jumper…the list goes on and on! Babies need a lot of stuff! As a minimalist this is really hard for me, especially after I’d gotten rid of all my baby gear when […]

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