The Speaker has Become the Listener #Dad #Poems #MarkSchipul

The man who loved to talk has been silenced by disease The loss of your voice is the grandest irony It may have seemed I wasn’t listening but I heard you While you loved to speak I relish in silence I didn’t always respond but I always heard Now you no longer need your voice […]

There’s a New Bully in Town; She’s Cyber Mom #Bullying

My heart is so weary So heavily burdened So tired of seeing The motherhood hurting ♦ The shaming, the blaming The guilt that’s assigned Moms are attacking Those whose views don’t align ♦ From the heated debate To vaccinate or not To the outrage over leggings Are they sexy or not ♦ Whatever the issue Respect […]

I Will Go

Every day you slip further away The light of recognition in your eyes is fading Replaced by confusion and emptiness Are you still in there? How much do you understand? I no longer feel your joy I no longer feel your sorrow Do you feel anything at all? The man before me is a shell […]

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