To My Mom on her First Wedding Anniversary without my Dad #MarkSchipul #Dad

It’s a year of many “firsts” for my mom without my dad. Today would have been their wedding anniversary. It seems inappropriate to say “happy” anniversary because today, it isn’t. Instead I will say thanks for setting an example of what a marriage should be. You lived out “for better or for worse, in sickness […]

The Ornament #Dad #MarkSchipul

I saved it for last because I knew it would break me. Every year I buy my kids and family keepsake ornaments. It is carefully chosen every year and probably my favorite tradition. I pick each child’s ornament based on what happened in their life that year or just something they love. It’s something to […]

Hanging on and Letting Go… #MarkSchipul #Dad

It’s strange the random moments in life that sneak up and paralyze you emotionally. Last week I was cleaning out my seven-year-old’s closet to change his clothes to the next size. They kept falling off of the hangers and it dawned on me that he had finally outgrown the kiddie sized hangers. It was one […]

Mark Schipul Memorial Service Video #MarkSchipul #Dad

My Dads Memorial Video #MarkSchipul #Dad

Celebrating the Life of Mark Schipul #Dad #MarkSchipul

The Last Sermon #MarkSchipul #Dad

My dad was a Pastor his entire adult life. He knew what he wanted to be when he grew up from the time he was eight years old and followed that path to completion. I don’t know if this was actually his last sermon but it’s certainly the last written message we have found from […]

Mark Schipul: Celebration of Life Service #MarkSchipul #Dad

Please join us in a Celebration of Life Service¬†for Mark Schipul on Saturday the 22nd of August at 3:00 pm. It will be held at Pomona First Baptist Church located at 601 N. Garey Ave. Pomona, CA 91767. The service will be followed by a light lunch and time of fellowship. There is no dress […]

The Dress #MarkSchipul #Dad

I walked around the mall in a daze. Everywhere around me people were laughing, busy; going about their day. Children were playing and running about. I saw and heard it but felt like they were a world away. What are they laughing about? Why is everyone acting so normal while I’m slowly dying inside. A […]

VALUE is Completely Lost on my Daughter; or is She the One that Really Gets it??

Money truly is the root of all evil. In this fallen world where money reigns supreme and each generation surpasses the previous with their sense of entitlement; I shake my head in frustration. Nothing is more cringeworthy to me than hearing a child say something greedy or selfish. How do I raise my children to […]

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