Enter to Win a Yoga Strap @OneTribeApparel #OneTribeApparel

Yoga has always been a friend of mine! I fell in love with it while pregnant with my first child in 2007 and was instantly hooked. It’s so calming and relaxing yet strengthening and empowering at the same time. To get the most out of the experience I invested in my own mat and towel […]

Getting Back into a Normal Workout Routine! #UltimateSquat

Now that my kids are back to school and a normal routine, I’m trying to get my routine back! One of the things that always suffers a little over the summer is my workout. Trying to keep the kids entertained and happy I tend to do more outdoor activities where I’m definitely getting exercise but […]

These Socks are Darn Tough! @DarnTough #DarnTough

It’s always been an inside joke in our family that my mom is so tough because she’s from Vermont. Natives of Vermont have a reputation of being hardcore tough individuals. I’m not sure where that came from but growing up in New Hampshire I frequently heard people from Vermont referred to in this way. When […]

Don’t Hesitate, Here are the Top Ways to Prepare for a Marathon!

Image by Josiah Mackenzie A marathon is a great way of doing somewhere worthwhile which you will never forget. If you feel like you need a new goal, it can be a great achievement when you run through the finishing line. But it’s not easy, and you need to prepare for months in advance. So […]

Keeping Comfy for my Workouts! #Yoga @TheGearBest #GearBest

I started doing Yoga again and I absolutely love it! I like to mix up my workouts and do different things when I see I’m not getting the same results anymore and/or I just get tired of the same old thing. I know it seems superficial but having a cute workout outfit really motivates me […]

Why Our Kids Need To Be Active From An Early Age

Children like to play. Many of them like to run around and make a lot of noise and mess too! But not all children are keen to be as active as they should be. And not all parents are keen for their kids to be out and about in public areas either. There are, however, […]

Get Back in Shape After Baby with Postnatal Vinyassa Yoga! @PrenatalYoga #PrenatalYoga

I would not call myself an expert at yoga. I took some general yoga classes in college, and since then I have done a few yoga DVDs and have gone to maybe one other yoga class. I like doing yoga and feel I can do most of the moves, plus I do know there are […]

Transform your Body in 60 Minutes a Week! @WomensHealthMag #Ignite

I’ve been working out at home for the past year, ever since my youngest started getting sick all the time and I needed to keep him away from childcare as much as possible. I have the equipment to work out at home so I really have no excuse not to stay in shape. And yet, […]

Stepping Onto Success! @Ozeri #Ozeri

As most women my age, I have battled weight gain ever since I had kids. I do my best to keep it at bay but this last year has been a real struggle. I’m trying to do better at keeping track of it so that it’s always at the forefront of my mind. I obviously […]

Gym Etiquettes You need to follow

Fitness enthusiasts love spending time at the gym. It not only relaxes the mind but also keeps you healthy and fit so why leave the chance? Since it’s serious business, many people take it sincerely but there are many others who are in it only for the fun and sometimes this can cause inconvenience for […]

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