Children Craft Tips

Crafting with children is about more than making art projects to hang on the refrigerator. Arts and crafts encourage creative thinking; enhance fine motor coordination (handwriting, cutting patterns, drawing shapes, etc.); improve bilateral coordination (using both hands in tandem); boost self-esteem, and encourage self-discipline. Arts and crafts are also great for coping with the fear, […]

How to Keep the Kids Happy Indoors when it’s Scorching Outside! #Incredibuilds

My kids love to do crafts, especially my six year old daughter Paige. When I read about Incredibundles I figured it was right up her alley. As a mom there were several things that appealed to me as well. First of all, everything you need comes in the box. There’s nothing worse than having a […]

Minecraft Candy Bar! #Minecraft #MinecraftParty #CandyBar

I recently shared the decorating details for Reed’s Minecraft party here and wanted to give more info on the candy bar I did! After searching Pinterest for ideas on food I noticed some people had candy for Minecraft parties with licorice for the TNT. I decided to take that idea even further and do ALL […]

Design Your Own Jewelry with this Glass Pendant Jewelry Making Craft Kit! #Review #Jewelry

My five year old daughter Paige loves all things crafty and jewelry so this kit to make your own pendant is something I knew she’d really be into! It comes with everything you need to make six pendants pretty easily and comes in an adorable tin that can be used to store them in or […]

10 Inspirational Arts and Crafts Ideas #Crafts

Arts and crafts activities with the kids can form some of the most enjoyable hours you can spend as a parent. Not only are they lots of fun, but they help encourage your little ones’ creativity and hone their artistic skills. The only barrier for parents can be a certain creative block which makes it […]

The New SunshineLoom Craft Kit is Tons of Fun for Girls! #Review @FriendlyBands #FriendlyBands

My five year old little girl Paige is a huge fan of jewelry and crafts so things like the SunshineLoom Craft Kit from Friendly Bands are right up her alley! It’s rated for ages 6+ and Paige is just 5 but she’s always been really good at these things and I knew once I helped […]

New Curious George Valentine’s Day Episode airs TODAY on PBS! @PBKids #PBSKids

My Thoughts I loved Curious George as a kid so I’m thrilled that my own kids enjoy it too and love to watch it! We also love Valentine’s Day so I knew they would be excited to watch the new Valentine’s Day episode, airing today on PBS! George loves his friends and wants to make […]

How I Transformed These White Chinese Lanterns for Jax’s First Birthday #whitepaperlanterns

My Thoughts We are getting ready to celebrate my baby Jax’s first birthday! It’s such a magical time and I want to make it as special as possible, without spending a fortune or going overboard. The one show and character he’s show interest in is Mickey Mouse so that’s the theme of his party. Unfortunately […]

Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show Ticket #Giveaway and Cash Bonus! #HolidayGiftGuide #HarvestFestivals @HarvestFestShow

  Pomona Harvest Festival Fairplex • December 5-7 Harvest Festival® Original Art & Craft Show is committed and active in the Community!! Cross everything off your holiday shopping list and be sure to get yourself what you really want at the Pomona Harvest Festival® Original Art & Craft Show Dec 5 – 7, 2014 at […]

Liquid Chalkers Review #liquidchalkers

Jen’s Thoughts Have you ever seen the chalkboard art trend? I have and I am a huge fan. Oh my goodness, there is some amazing chalk inspiration on Pinterest. If you haven’t seen this trend, you have to go check it out. Seriously, I think it’s awesome! I have actually had a chalkboard over my […]

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