Sing Along Sunday: When God Ran by Phillips, Craig & Dean (#SingAlongSunday)

I recently reviewed a modern day version of The Prodigal Son and it’s really been on my heart since then. You could definitely say I was the Prodigal Daughter, except I left more than once! Not only did I leave my physical family, I also left my heavenly father. I spent the bulk of my twenties […]

Sing Along Sunday: Come to Jesus by Chris Rice (#SingAlongSunday)

A few months ago I made a slideshow (view here) for my Dad’s 70th birthday. I spent hours trying to find the perfect music to go with it. I made a “Dad” playlist on my iPhone and whenever I visit him, I listen to it on the way home. I know it’s kind of depressing but it’s […]

Sing Along Sunday: A Mother’s Prayer by Celine Dion (#SingAlongSunday)

  My Thoughts I have been thinking a lot lately about my kids, my mom, Mother’s Day and my prayer for all of them. I silently say little prayers all day long. Most are just little one liners like “God protect my children” when they are out of my care or as they are riding […]

Sing Along Sunday Jars of Clay: After the Fight (@Jarsofclay, #jarsofclay)

Last week I wrote a review of Jars of Clay’s new CD Inland and I am so addicted to this CD right now! After the Fight is one of my favorite songs. Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday!

Wrongful Life

Since I am 37 and passed the “ideal” age of having children (under 35) there is a whole new set of issues to deal with that I hadn’t in my previous pregnancies. First my Doctor informed me that I was of “AMA” or advanced maternal age. Um, gee, thanks… I didn’t know there was a […]

Sing Along Sunday – Chris August: Restore

Marriage, even the best ones, is a struggle at times. I know so many people hurting and going through hard times in their marriages. I heard this song Restore from Chris August and I loved its message. In this society, divorce is the “easy” solution and one that more than 50% of people choose, including […]

Sing Along Sunday – Martina McBride: In My Daughter’s Eyes

  This weekend we celebrated Paige’s 4th birthday and I got to thinking about mothers and daughters. She always tells me that I’m her best friend so I got her one of those necklaces that’s a heart split in two. I used to have one when I was young that said “best friend” split in […]

Sing Along Sunday – Casting Crowns: Already There

After Reed’s visit with the specialist for his second opinion, I was pretty depressed. I was relieved to have a new perspective and a plan but so discouraged at how long this has already taken and that it’s not over. I started dealing with this two years ago and I’ve been over it for a […]

Sing Along Sunday – Steven Curtis Chapman: One Heartbeat at a Time

I heard this song this week and I absolutely loved the lyrics! It’s one of those songs I needed to hear to give me a new perspective and remind me that my job as a stay at home mom is priceless. It’s easy to forget in the tantrums and sleepless nights that we are doing […]

Sing Along Sunday – Laura Story: Blessings

I love the message in Laura Story’s song Blessings. Sometimes we think that we are being buried in burdens but we forget that they can often lead to blessings.

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