The Signature Scent

A signature perfume creates an aura of scent around the wearer. Even if another person doesn’t realize you’re wearing the scent, he or she may say, “Someone smells so beautiful.” Your lovely signature scent may linger in your bedroom. Your friends or family members may say, “I know when Mama is at home because I smell her lovely scent on the staircase.”

Finding a signature scent means people recognize you by a certain chosen perfume and may feel nostalgia for your scent. Oscar de la Renta once expressed how wonderful it is for a man to walk into a room and “know that a woman was here” because of the signature scent. Dior said, long after we forget what a woman wore to an event, “the memory of her perfume lingers.” Buy your new signature scent at

History of the Signature Scent

Many women and men wear a different scent each day. That’s part of how we view ourselves today. Times have changed over the past 150 years.

In the Victorian era, women chose a fragrance as part of her path to self-discovery. In that time, “nice” women were discouraged from wearing sensual scents, such as tuberose or musk. These scents were considered appropriate to bohemian artists or the demi monde.

Finding one’s signature scent was part of developing style. That’s one of the reasons that Coco Chanel added fragrance to her fashion lines. For the remainder of the 20th century, other designers offered “designer signature scents” as part of luxe fashion. Couture houses still work at creating new signature scents for their upscale customers.

Some people select a fragrance based on the time of day or event, such as a casual luncheon, corporate dinner, or romantic evening on the town. There’s no need to spend too much on original scents and fragrances from the world’s renowned perfumers. You don’t need to visit a retail store or wait in queue for service.

If you do decide to take a trip to a brick and mortar perfume counter, take time to let the scent develop on your skin. If you still like the scent after wearing it for an hour or two, compare prices of the retailer to a respected online seller. Save time and money by ordering your new signature scent from an online perfume store.

How to Pick a Signature Scent

Most men and women today choose a fragrance not only because of its smell. We buy the fragrance because something about it resonates with our personality. We want to emphasize that facet of ourselves. For instance, if you’re quiet and introverted, most people will automatically assume your signature scent will be subtle.

That’s not always the case:

• An introverted woman may choose a scent that highlights her wild streak with a delicious jasmine scent that evokes reckless romance under the stars.

• An extroverted ambitious soul may prefer to evoke femininity by choosing a scent full of rose and heliotrope, such as Lancome’s incredibly popular Tresor.

• A sporty type of man may wear a light fragrance by day and a sophisticated scent, such as Dior Homme, in the evening.

• A bride may choose a brand new fragrance as a step towards her new life. A groom may select a new fragrance as he considers his new image of husband, father, and family man.

How to Discover Your Signature Scent

Discovering your signature scent or fragrance style shouldn’t be difficult. For instance, if you love certain perfume notes, such as rose or peach, consider scents that include your favorite notes.

Your signature scent may be imbued with pleasant memories. Each time you open the perfume bottle, you remember a chance meeting with someone you love or a beautiful day on vacation.

Scent is memorable. A scent can instantly conjure up an afternoon in Paris. Scents such as Jeux de Peau evoke a moment of enjoying a fresh biscuit. Enn Passant may call to mind a simple moment of happiness in spring.

Discovering your signature scent is like selecting a calling card of the inner self. It’s a mysterious combination of you—how your skin reacts to the scent—and how the scent calls to you.

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