Anniversary Gifts And You

Anniversaries can be an exciting time, depending on how long you’ve been together. If it’s your first anniversary, you probably think it’s come around far too fast. If it’s your 20th anniversary, you’re probably wondering how you made it this far! It’s traditional to buy a gift when it’s your anniversary, but what exactly do you buy?

1st Wedding Anniversary

Your first wedding anniversary is probably going to be exciting for you. You might even still be in the honeymoon period at this point! The traditional gift to get at this stage is paper, but unless you want to make origami for your spouse, you’re probably going to need to think of something else. Some people like to go for a nice clock or even a watch. You could also invest in other materials and objects, like silver, wood, pottery, or steel. It all depends on your budget and what you plan on getting for anniversaries later on down the line. Bear in mind you probably want to top your gift each year, as each anniversary gets more special!


10th Wedding Anniversary

There are so many more wedding anniversaries to get through before your 10th, but this is a real milestone. The traditional gift for this anniversary is tin or aluminium. This still doesn’t sound like a fabulous option when you’ve been together so long, which is why so many people opt for  a small diamond piece or even some pearls.

20th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty years is a huge milestone, and the traditional gift for this is china. Maybe china plates or cups. However, this is a little bit of an outdated gift, so you might want to go with something made out of platinum, silver, or even diamond instead.

30th Wedding Anniversary

Your thirtieth wedding anniversary is really something to shout about. The traditional gift for this milestone is pearls. However, some choose to go for things like diamond, jade, and coral instead. If you want to give diamonds this time around, a page like could give you an idea of the budget to expect. You’ve had plenty of time to save up!


40th Wedding Anniversary

Your 40th wedding anniversary is something to be proud of. The traditional item for this is rubies, and because they are still so beautiful and widely used, it’s still used as a modern day anniversary gift.

60th Wedding Anniversary

Your 60th wedding anniversary definitely calls for some kind of party. The traditional gift for this one is diamonds, although you may need to think of something else if you bought them earlier on for your spouse! You could even potentially buy them a diamond piece to match something else you bought them earlier on.  

Now you have a small idea of what to buy your spouse for your upcoming anniversaries, you can start planning. Remember, it’s traditional to get more lavish each time, so you might even want to start out with something handmade for your first anniversary!

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