Choosing A Family Car Without Driving Yourself Mad

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If there is one thing a family car needs to be it is good at multi-tasking. However, this requirement is harder to find than you may have anticipated, not so much because car manufacturers haven’t realized this yet, but because the car industry has realized this and now you are faced with that dreaded word ‘choice’. It’s like when you go into a restaurant, and you are given the menu that has 1001 different dishes on it.

Having choice is hard, especially when there is so much to consider about buying a car. It isn’t like you are just buying some stationary for a few cents. No, you are buying a car, a family car, one that needs to deliver on all fronts.

So what should you be looking out for?

Safety Features

This is going to be a massive part of any parents search criteria. You want a car that will keep your young ones safe should anything happen, which is why you will want to research everything you can about a car’s safety features first. This should include a car’s crash test safety ratings, as well as certain other more specific criteria, such as whether or not you can turn off the passenger airbag. If you aren’t sure about something, make sure you ask the auto dealers to clarify. The reason airbags need to be able to switch off is because there may be times when you have to put your child’s rear-facing car seat in the front, a move that could put your child at risk if the airbag is not deactivated.


Trust us, go with five doors over three. This is for your benefit more than anyone’s. Three doors will make it hard for you to get your children in and out of the car, and the car seat, especially when you are desperately trying to keep them asleep. It will also get hard on your back, especially in the first few months after giving birth. As such, always go with five doors, but make sure the rear doors open wide enough for you to be able to install a car seat and get your kid in and out with ease. The other reason why wide-opening doors are so important is that it makes your car more versatile. It may be fine for your young children to get in and out, but what happens if you need to pick up your elderly relative and they can’t get in. So try out the getting in and out process before you buy.


The first thing to look for is stadium seating, which is essentially rear seating that is raised slightly higher than the front. This will make it easier for you to get kids in and out without doing damage to your back. Another thing to look for though is sliding seats. This will allow you to give your kids more room when they need it, and to create more boot space when that is necessary.

Or of course, you could do what this dad did and get the most unorthodox practical car ever, which covers just about everything a parent could possibly want from a family car.


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The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy

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