Every Little Helps: Saving Money As A Family

Balancing the books can be hard even when it’s just the two of you but when you’ve got one, or more extra mouth to feed making ends meet becomes even harder! More families than ever struggling in today’s economy when even essentials are expensive, and there’s a seemingly never-ending list of must-have kids toys, permission slips for school trips and even after school activity fees that need to be paid. However, there are some ways you can tighten your belts without having your kids feel the strain.  

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Efficient Energy

Fed up of telling your kids not to leave the lights on? Switch the TV off if they’re not using it? Asking them to remove their phone from the charger as soon as it’s finished so they don’t waste electricity? Even simple things like turning the hall, or landing light off if you’re all in one room, installing low watt energy saving bulbs and turning off electronics when they aren’t in use can save you a pretty penny. Keep water bills low by imposing time limits on the shower or look into having a water meter fitted.

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One Stop Shop

How many times have you loaded up a cart full of groceries, had them rung up through the till then been halfway home only to realize you’ve gone and forgotten something? Making a shopping list, that you stick to, will help reduce the chances of essentials like bread, milk or even bin bags being forgotten so every time you visit the store scribble things down. Going back again once you’ve already been is not only frustrating, but it wastes precious time as well using gas at a far quicker rate than necessary. Even the most economical car won’t be too happy having to go back and forwards multiple times a day so get everything you need there and then.

Try to avoid taking the kids with you as even too cool for school teens will yammer if they want candy, chocolate or chips as well as bug you for magazines and cash to buy clothes while you’re seeing how much bags of tomatoes cost. You don’t need to have read Extreme Couponing tips, tricks and resources, or be a super saver and coupon queen to find great deals and discounts. Still, it’s good to know what’s currently on offer as well asking friends and family to let you have any vouchers that they don’t need.

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Enjoy Free Fun

Instead of  taking your kids on expensive holidays, trips out and weekends away all the time why not do something a little more environmentally friendly and low key? Little ones will love puppet led story time for kids at your local library; plus you can rent DVDs as well as books instead of buying both online only to have them lie around the house once they’ve been read or watched. Take the kids to fun, free places to like museums, parks, and gardens as well as having wallet friendly nights at home where you play board games, have cooking competitions or put on a family talent show so very little money is actually being spent.  


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