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Some people find it hard to sleep, almost impossible in fact. Whereas others annoyingly just seem to fall asleep as soon as they hit the pillow. For those who find it hard, getting to sleep can be a miserable task and when a partner or other family members in the household can’t sleep it can affect yours too because you’ll be worrying about them. Sleep is a tricky thing to work out and get to the bottom of, but there are a few hints and tips that can give you the advantage you need to get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. Some may work for you, others may not. But at least when you try you’ll find out how to get to sleep.

Set The Right Temperature

First you need to ensure you set the right temperature to sleep it. If you can’t sleep in the heat, make sure you turn the central heating off before you go to sleep or open the window. There can also be issues if the down comforter too hot. To circumvent this try and swap them at summer and winter times for lighter and heavier ones respectively. It can be hard to find the right temperature if you’re in bed with someone who prefers it far hotter or colder, but try to reach some form of compromise so you can both sleep comfortably. Temperature can really affect the quality of your sleep, so target it if it is an issue and you’ll see your nights improve dramatically.

Try The Edge Of The Bed Technique

If you feel restless as you sleep try sitting up and perching yourself on the edge of the bed for a few minutes. It can make you feel tired again so that when you lay back down sleep will find you more easily. It is so annoying, you spend an age working up sleepiness but when you finally get it and lay down you end up overthinking things and your brain goes into overdrive. Sitting on the edge of the bed can stop this and give you the boost to send you off to sleep.


Try Reading

If you read and read you’ll eventually fall asleep. Just slip the book onto the floor, turn out the light and then you’re there. For this to work you should try to ensure there is a reading lamp beside your bed so that you can turn it off with ease, otherwise you’ll have to stand up and cross the room which can wake you up and negate the effects of the sleep.


If you get little to no exercise then you will find getting to sleep is a lot harder. If you can manage to do some exercise then falling to sleep will be a sinch. You can really make a difference because it essentially tires your body out so that when you go to bed you actually sleep. Sure, you may not be able to do it every day but burning some energy three times a week can make your sleeping pattern fall into line. Try running, or cycling. Or join some team sports and do something you actually enjoy. It has the benefit of shedding some pounds too.


Go Herbal

Many people swear by herbal sleep remedies. Kalms are loved worldwide for example and can give you that extra drowsiness to get to sleep. It is also the placebo effect, you know you have taken something for sleep, so as such you expect sleep more readily. Taking herbal remedies aren’t guaranteed to work but they will certainly make a difference and reduce your levels of stress.

Seek Medical Help

If the problem remains after you have tried everything in the book then consider going for a consultation with a doctor or other medical professional. They can provide you with actual sleeping tablets which can let you get over sleeping issues. The key is trying not to become reliant on them. Use them to get out of a rut but then try to revert back to your old sleeping habits so you can stop using them. It is never good to be over reliant on any kind of medication.

Stay Up Longer

Try staying up a little bit longer, perhaps you can’t get to sleep because you aren’t ready to go to sleep. Tire your brain out a bit more. Try reading again, watching some tv or playing a game. Engaging your brain for a little bit longer will make the difference.


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