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I received this product from Embrace Grace in exchange for reviewing the item and  this post is part of the FrontGate Blogger Network.

With the recent election there has been even more talk than usual about the highly controversial topic of abortion. It’s always been a hot one with debates raging on about when life actually begins and women’s rights vs the babies. Sadly, even amongst churches, support can be lacking. While they usually push for a woman to not abort a child, they don’t always stand by them through their pregnancy once they’ve chosen life. That’s where Embrace Grace comes in.

Their focus is on love. It’s on loving and supporting single women and girls to make a hard choice and then get plugged into a place where they can find the support that they need through an Embrace Grace Group.

They distribute Love in a Box to pregnancy centers for women who have positive results and are struggling with what comes next. The box is full of love! There are loving its for mom and baby to give her hope and a glimpse into what her future could be when choosing life.

I received two of the items included in the box including a necklace that says pro-love and journal that is also inspirational!

The journal reminds women that they are strong, brave and loved!

I love that the journal is so inspirational and gives specific ways to think about decisions, fears and even dreams. It’s good to put these things in writing and dwell and pray on them!

If you find this ministry as inspiring as I did, there are plenty of ways to contribute and getting help with Embrace Grace.

  • Start an Embrace Grace at their local church so young women with unplanned pregnancies have a support group.
  • Partner with the national organization through prayer and support at www.EmbraceGrace.com
  • Download and print our brave girl letter (http://egrace.co/brave) and mail to address below for us to place inside a Love in a Box.

Pregnancy is an amazing journey. No woman should have to face it alone. Thanks to Embrace Grace, they don’t have to!

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About Embrace Grace

Love in a Box is a pro-love initiative launched to help save babies and help moms get plugged into local churches for spiritual, emotional and physical support through an Embrace Grace group.

Boxes are distributed to pregnancy centers nation-wide and given to young, single women with positive pregnancy tests. The box is full of gifts that will inspire hope and impart love to a mom that may be scared for her future. Each box consists of a Fearless Journal and pen, a Bump in Life book, a baby onesie, testimonial letters of girls that chose adoption and chose to parent, an invitation to join an Embrace Grace group and a Brave Girl letter that can be written by YOU!

You have the opportunity to speak into the life of a mom that could possibly be contemplating a life or death decision. You can encourage, uplift and inspire her to choose life and to get plugged into an Embrace Grace support group at a local church.

We want to help brave moms choose life and get plugged into a spiritual family so they can be saved, discipled, mentored and be a part of a community that loves them the way Jesus loves.

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