Making The Most Of Your Maternity Pay

When you have just had a new baby, keeping an eye on the finances can be the last thing on your mind. You tend to be much more worried about how they are feeding. Whether they are sleeping. Whether you are sleeping, and what to do about that pile of laundry in the corner that keeps growing but you just don’t have the energy to deal with right now! But as time goes on, and the reality of being on maternity pay sets in, it can seem like a challenge to afford the added costs of raising a child with less money. But there are ways that you can maximise your finances, even when you are on maternity leave. Read on to find out what they are.

Use washable nappies

OK, so this suggestion can cause quite a bit of controversy. But it can be a cheaper option. Disposable nappies are much more expensive. You are paying for the convenience.

While using the washable kind can save you a fair bit, they are also kinder on the environment too, as it can take a disposable happy a long time to biodegrade. Of course, it is a bit more messy to use the washable kind, so you really have to think carefully about what will work in your situation.



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This one is a no-brainer. Breast milk is much healthier for you child, as it contains all sort of antigens that they wouldn’t get by consuming the powdered varieties. Of course, an added bonus is that is that it is free! Most people breastfeed from zero to six months. That is six months of formula that you won’t have to pay for! So it’s definitely worth giving it a go, and seeing whether you and baby can get on with it.

Get your budgets and tracker in order before baby arrives

Setting budgets and a tracking system is something that you need to have a clear head to do. Doing this before the birth can be really useful, as your attention isn’t contending with a lack of sleep, raging hormones, and a new baby.

Make sure you take some time to work out what you maternity pay will be, and compare this to your other incomings and outgoings. Remember you need to keep the latter, less than the former where you can.

Use discounts

Another great way of making your maternity pay go a little further is to be a savvy shopper and look out for discounts. The good thing about being a new mother is that baby companies are often falling over themselves to give you vouchers and free samples. So remember to take advantage of these.

You can also use sites like Plus Voucher Code which contains discount vouchers for all sort of products and services that you may need while on maternity leave.

Buy preloved

Lastly, another good call when making your maternity pay go further, is to buy some item for the baby that are preloved. OK, some folks don’t like the idea of buying second-hand baths or potties. But there is a huge market for second-hand designer baby clothes that have only been worn once or twice and still look at good as new.


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