Enriching Activities That You Can Plan For Your Kids


When you have children, you can often feel like you’re on an endless journey to try and raise them right, entertain them and keep them happy. In reality, you kind of are. But you don’t mind; that’s what having kids is all about – right? It can be enjoyable for you to plan activities and events too.

But sometimes, the things you tend to plan and do can get a little boring, especially if they become your go-to for entertainment. When that’s the case, you might be looking for new ways to not only enrich your children but reward them too. Hopefully, these ideas can help you with that.


This might be something you already do, have wanted to start for some time, or have never thought of before, but volunteering can be a very enriching activity for children. Not only are there a range of charities or companies that children can volunteer with, but they can all find something that will suit their interests and capabilities. You’ll also be able to teach your children how important it is to give back and be a good person in life by doing this.

Church Events And Activities

Your church might already have some great youth groups that your children love. But, you don’t have to leave it at that. Throughout the year, you could also work on arranging different events and activities through your church. There are christian retreat centers that take church groups around the country to host meetings and events. Organizing a trip could provide your children with a lot of fun.


At first, this might not seem like a fun option for kids, but it’s definitely rewarding. If your child excels in one or more subject area, why not encourage them to become a tutor? Not only will it give them something to add to their college applications and resume, but it will also be a rewarding experience for them. Despite being the teacher, there is also a lot that they could learn from the experience.

Summer Camp

If you’re running out of activities to plan for your children throughout the summer break, you might want to consider sending them to a summer camp. You don’t have to send them for the entire season, or even have them stay over. You can find a day camp near to you, or send them for a week. The options are endless! All you have to do is decide on the type of camp to send them too and let them have a great time.


And finally, you could consider planning in a few sporting activities for your kids. If your son or daughter loves a particular sport, why not try to encourage them as much as you can. Get them to join a team and take some lessons. You could even take them to see a game too. Or, there is the option to plan sporting events that the whole family can enjoy, like tennis, volleyball or golf.


The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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  1. I think volunteering is so important for a child! Learning to do something and not get anything in return is a lesson many children don’t grasp (adults either!). Thanks for sharing.

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