Mothers: Take Some Time Out for Yourself!


As all of you Mothers out there know, we tend to put everyone else first. We cook for others first, we care for others first, and we’ll use any time we have later for ourselves. (Although that doesn’t happen much!)

But it’s about time we take some time out for ourselves. Even if it’s just 10 minutes.


Treat yourself to a spa day! Whether you prefer to go alone or take a few of your girlfriends with you. This is a great way to relax and have a little peace and quiet for once, (without any distractions.) Let yourself be pampered and treated like royalty for once. Not only will you feel cleansed mentally, but your body will also thank you for it.

Go For A Walk

You would be surprised how much you could benefit by just going for a walk. You’re breathing in fresh air; you’re not confined to the four walls of your home, and it’s a change of scenery. If you know a nice woods that’s not too far away, go there, be enclosed in the nature and take it all in.


When was the last time you glamoured your face up a little? Why not go and get your makeup done professionally for a day? And if you don’t feel like that’s really your style – go and indulge from the beauty supply shop. Buy some new lipsticks and a good mascara that isn’t dry and crusty!


Maybe it’s time for you to get a new wardrobe full of clothes! Okay, maybe just a few different looks. Go out to the shops, take a girlfriend with you, so you have a truthful answer – and get trying some new things. Get something different to what you’d normally wear, change it up a little. It may just boost your confidence. Plus you could make a whole day of it; you could take a break and grab something nice to eat, and then get looking again.


Who doesn’t want new shoes? We all (need) want them. Whether it’s just for a casual every day look, or a going out heel, try things on. It sometimes takes walking in a different pair of shoes, to realise who we really are.

Hair Salon

As a Mother, you don’t always get time to do something beautiful with your hair. It’s either tied back in a quick ponytail, or it’s left to hang down miserably by your sides. Get your hair styled! If not for yourself – for your hair! Give it a little snip, soak it in conditioner and maybe even colour it! Ask the hairdresser what you can do to achieve a good looking hairstyle, in 5 minutes.

Nail Salon

It’s true; it’s hard to maintain pretty nails when they’re always plunged in something. So maybe long nails aren’t for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lovely manicure done with a lick of colour!

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