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The story of Jesus is the most incredible story there is! The Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus book gives you the opportunity to read the story of Jesus in 40 days. I love this concept!

Each story is short and sweet with just one page and part of that page is covered with a corresponding image. There is also a Bible verse where the complete story can be found. I like that this is told in very simple terms for children to understand.

The illustrations are colorful enough to grab kids attention but not too detailed where they stop paying attention to the story. It’s the perfect balance of pictures and words to tell the complete story. I have been reading this to my youngest son and it’s just the right length to hold his short attention span!

A great companion book is the Candle Day by Day Bible, available in spiral bound form with 365 daily readings. There’s something about the format that my older kids love and actually fight over who gets to flip to the next day so I have to keep track to take turns.

These are also shortened versions of Bible stories retold for little readers, only without the corresponding Bible verses. I missed those as they are a great reference to look up and do the whole story if they want more information.

Other than that, my kids actually prefer this one the most! I think they like the variety of stories from both the old and new testaments and they love the format with the stand alone calendar/book!



About the Bible

The award-winning Candle Day by Day Bible is now available in a spiral-bound desk calendar format. All of a child’s favorite stories and illustrations are easily accessible and on view all day long. One story per day.

About the Walk with Jesus

This beautiful gift book makes a wonderful addition to the award-winning Candle Day by Day collection. The story of Jesus’s life is told over forty days, and presented in the elegant day-by-day styling with page borders and richly colored pictures. Includes an introductory note to suggest how the book could be used.


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