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The Lord’s Prayer is something Christians learn as little ones and spend their lives reciting, but how many of us were really taught what it meant in a way we could understand as kids? Rick Warren’s book does just that in such a practical yet insightful way that kids will feel confident in their understanding.

It is a board book so even the smallest of hands can handle this book easily and enjoy the message written just for them.

I love the way that the book is written. It recites the Lords prayer line by line. Each line is then explained in terms kids can understand so it really brings it down to their level. There is also a message of thanks on each page relating to that particular passage.

My kids really related to and understood this book and I think they felt relieved to have The Lord’s Prayer simplified for them. It’s no longer something they feel is over their level of understanding.

The illustrations are beautifully done and are simple so their message is clear without getting lost in complex details. This book would make a wonderful gift for kids this year, giving them the gift of understanding!



About the Book

The Lord’s Prayer: Words of Hope and Happiness brings the poetic scripture from the King James Version alive for readers young and old. Gorgeous illustrations by Richard Jesse Watson are paired with thoughtful insights from New York Times bestselling author Rick Warren, creating a book will make the Lord’s Prayer real to young readers.

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