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It’s our favorite time of the year! My kids are getting so excited about Halloween coming up! I remember when I was little the excitement of picking out my costume and having a costume parade at school. Sadly my kids don’t get to experience this because of new rules in place. As an alternative they like to wear fun holiday themed outfits to school like the ones we got from The Children’s Place. 


They have a wide variety of outfits to choose from. Skeletons have been highly popular the last several years, even when it’s not Halloween! While that’s not really our thing, we’re all about the pumpkins! All three of my kids love them! We love to eat them, decorate them and of course wear them!

I love that these pumpkins have a little style to them! My daughter especially loved her shirt with the eyelashes because she felt it was more girly! This one even glows in the dark!


My older son got one that looks more boyish and kind of mean and scary!

img_6360For the little guy, he got an adorable one appropriate for toddlers like him!


When I posted some pics on Facebook someone pointed out that their shirts seem to match their personalities and I definitely have to agree!


As always, The Children’s Place had the perfect thing for each of my children to celebrate our favorite season!





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