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I think the vote in my house is that Christmas is our favorite holiday. It is our favorite for many reasons. We love to spend time doing all our traditions together at Christmas and one of our traditions is reading Christmas books as well as reading about the birth of Jesus from the Bible.

Christmas Love Letters Bible Stories is a great book for my four and eight year old boys. We enjoy that the book goes through all the different pieces of the biblical story one by one, from the prophecy, Mary, Joseph, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus, the Shepherds and then the Wiremen.

There is a special note at the end of each short story that is a Love Letter from God. The author, Glenys Nellist, writes these letters of course, but really they help apply how this is a story that shows how God loved then and still loves us today. These letters are really special and help you understand God’s loving plan behind the birth of Jesus for all the characters involved in the story all the way to us.

I really like the one to after the story about Joseph. It says something about how God is thankful that Joseph said yes to being the earthly father for Jesus and that when God is tugging at your heart, do not be afraid to say yes also and he will be there for us too. This book helps us see how personal this story is to us. We really adore this book! Christmas Love Letters Bible Stories would make a great Christmas gift this year!


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About the Book

Written for children ages four to eight, Christmas Love Letters from God cleverly combines both prose and poetry as the story of Jesus’ birth unfolds. The book includes seven stories, beginning with Isaiah’s prophecy and ending with the visit of the wise men. Following each story, the child will find his or her own letter from God, folded into a small envelope attached to the page. Each letter begins with a space in which to write the child’s name, so each one can be specially addressed to the child.

Written as if God is speaking, each personalized message gives the young reader a sense of wonder as they discover anew the Christmas holiday and the birth of Jesus. A very special Bible verse, entitled God’s Perfect Promise, also accompanies each story and letter as God’s personal words of love, promise, and hope.

About the Contributors

Glenys Nellist
Glenys Nellist was born and raised in a little village in northern England. Her stories and poems have been published in children’s magazines where her writing reflects a deep passion for bringing the Bible to life for young children. Glenys lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband, David.

Rachel Clowes
Rachel Clowes grew up in South London and studied illustration at Cambridge School of Art. She began her career in children’s magazines and has been illustrating ever since. Rachel lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband, also an illustrator, her three sons and two cats.

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