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Halloween is definitely all three of my kids favorite holiday; even over Christmas if you can believe that! There’s just something magical and fun about dressing up. I think it’s partly because they are at the age where they dream of what they want to be when they grow up and it’s fun to dress up as them.

This is the first year my oldest son Reed didn’t pick a superhero to dress up as. He decided he wanted to be a scientist! You would think it would be easy to find this in the stores but it’s not. If you aren’t dressing as a super hero or whatever is popular at the time, the traditional old costumes like scientists are nowhere to be found!

Luckily a quick online search located an Albert Einstein costume on HalloweenCostumes.com.


It came with the lab coat, a shirt with tie attached to wear underneath, a wig and a mustache. Reed didn’t want to wear the mustache but added a couple of his own props with a magnifying glass, goggles and some chemicals!


He already had the chance to wear it at a cub scout campout with a Halloween theme and I loved that this was the ONLY Albert Einstein or scientist costume among many duplicates like Harry Potter and all the superheroes. It’s a truly unique costume, well made with pockets to store things in and the coat even helped keep him warm which helps on those cold trick or treating nights! It even came with a bonus light to make sure your child can be seen in the dark.

The attention to detail is awesome even with a formula printed on back!


I was able to find exactly what I needed on the HalloweenCostumes.com website to get my son what he really wanted! The prices are reasonable, delivery is fast and the memories will be priceless!




Product Description

“Eureka! I’ve found it!”
Everyone has lightbulb moments in their day to day lives. But if you make a extravagant scene to celebrate, folks might think you’re just a little off your rocker. Unless you have wild and crazy white hair. Then… it’s just kind of expected!

He can become a heavy duty “theoretical” scientist when he goes in this costume. Whether a top notch physicist who’s writing his combined theory, or even just a lab coat wearing dude who likes to show off that he’s one smart cookie, we’re sure any little one will be able to have a fun and imaginative time in this unique costume! It includes a lab coat, wig, and even a mustache to turn any little one into a truly iconic figure.

When assembled, this Albert Einstein/Physicist costume will totally transform your little guy or gal into the father of relativity, and with relative ease! A signature mustache secures with self-backed adhesive, and matches the white synthetic wig to achieve the character effect. With this ensemble, any child is sure to have the confidence to lead a lecture, or to make new discoveries about theoretical constructs. Because who knows, maybe E is going to equal something completely different this time!

Coat set costume for kids
100% polyester
Lab coat has front buttons, 3 pockets, “E = mc2” graphic on back
Shirt front fastens w/ Velcro at neck, cord ties at waist
Wig is synthetic hair on mesh cap w/ elastic edge
Mustache is self-adhesive w/ peel-off backing
Eureka! Eureka!
Lab Coat
Shirt Front w/ Attached Necktie

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