Baby on the Way? Time to Start Budgeting!



So you’re having a baby? Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times for any couple, and knowing you’ve created a brand new life is such a magical feeling. But having a baby comes with a whole lot of practical considerations to bear in mind too- one of them being money. Considering they are so tiny babies are extremely expensive, and making sure they have everything they need can be a significant cost. Luckily you have nine months to plan for everything, and if you get organized and budget well you’ll find that it’s all perfectly doable. Here are some of the ways you can make sure your finances are on track for when your beautiful new baby arrives.

Write a List of Essentials

Knowing exactly what you need and roughly how much everything is going to cost is the first step. Once you have this information, it’s easier to go about working out your finances. For example, you could make one larger purchase a month and a few smaller ones. If friends and family offer to help, you have a list of items ready to go which they’re able to choose from. You’ll need to think about everything from a pram to nursery furniture to baby clothes to nappies. Split up your list into categories to make it easier. Ask friends and family, or for advice online for everything you need to include if you’re not sure.



Think About Your Car and Home

If you currently live at the top of a block of apartments which doesn’t have a lift, for example, you may need to consider moving house. The same applies if you live in a place which doesn’t have a spare bedroom or is just generally unsuitable for a child or baby. If your current car isn’t suitable for things like a car seat or doesn’t have space for a pushchair in the trunk, you may need to change this too. Having a baby is a huge change, and so these massive expenses would all need to be budgeted for.

Save Money When Shopping Online

When you’re buying your baby items online, you can save an enormous amount of money by utilizing vouchers and discount codes. Why pay full price when you can get money off? You can find Firstcry coupons as well as others from a range of baby shops which will all be useful when ordering online. Going through a cashback website will also help you to earn back a little extra every time you make a purchase.



See If You’re Entitled To Any Help

There will be different grants and schemes available in different areas, and so it can be helpful to find out if there’s anything local to you. Especially if you’re on a low income, you may be entitled to some help towards baby costs. Your midwife may be able to give you advice on this, or you could do a search online.

Do you have any budgeting tips for new or expectant parents?


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