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I love that my kids are at the age where they are really into playing games! It gives them something to do that is NOT electronic and uses their thinking skills while having fun! We have been playing Gigamons together and my seven and eight year olds love it!

Gigamons starts out a lot like the game of Memory which was my favorite as a kid and is my daughters favorite as well. Just like in memory you lay out the cards face down and turn over two, trying to get a match. Once you get one, you get more than just the cards. You also get an Elemon! The Elemon Powers ad a whole new level of fun to the game that pick up where traditional Memory leaves off.


Each set of cards has an Elemon with powers on it. There is a reference card to help you determine what that power is. For example, a pair of Electrons means you get to play again. A pair of Hydromons lets you take a sneak peak at four of the tiles. I thought this might confuse them a bit but they were actually excited whenever they got a pair, to look at the reference card and unlock their power! I think the fact that they can both read now and don’t need help really ads a whole new level of excitement to the game with their independence!

Once you get three pairs of Elemon’s you get a Gigamon, or monster as my toddler calls them! The person who first gets three wins the game!

I really like the level of creativity and fun this game has! My son has never liked the game of Memory because he said it’s boring but he loves Gigamons! The Elemon Powers really make it fun for him. After they got used to how the powers worked, my son even started strategizing on which Elemon’s he wanted to get, based on what he wanted to do in the game next!

The tiles and Gigamons are good solid quality so they won’t fall apart on you and will last a long time. We’ve had some flimsy games my kids loved that just didn’t have good wear and tear so quality is important in games!

Gigamons is a fun game for kids and really tests their memory skills and teaches them to strategize and think ahead! Plus it’s just plain fun!




Product Description

Gigamons is a memory game where you will enjoy matching and collecting Elemons to activate their superpowers. Every two Elemons unveiled unleashes a magical spell to hinder your opponents or aid your quest, and every three Elemons collected will summon a mighty Gigamon. This game will have you embark on a magical journey in this artfully mastered, creative world where memory is the key to success!



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