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I have long been a fan of the baby items from Tiny Love because of their ability to grow with your baby. When Jax was new we used the Gymini Developlace play mat and he absolutely loved it! I got so many compliments on it and people asking where it was from because it was so unique! Sadly the newborn days are behind us. He has changed and grown so much since then! I can’t believe he was ever this tiny.



Another wonderful playmate is the Gymini Musical Friends with a focus on music.


Babies that are newborn can lay and look at all the wonderful colors and animals above them as well as on the mat beneath them. As they learn to use their hands and start to develop those small motor skills they can start to reach above and play with them. It’s full of discovery for them!

As they grow past their infant days and begin to enter toddlerhood where they are sitting on their own, they can continue to enjoy the removable instruments!


The elephant kicker plays eight songs that they can activate with their feet or hands.


I thought my toddler Jax was past the age to enjoy this but he jumped right in as soon as he saw me set it up!


Obviously between the animals, sounds and colors it still has appeal even for older toddlers!

Tiny Love has age tips for each of their products that help you to know what your child can do at their age.

1-3 months
During the first three months, your newborn baby will enjoy the mat’s soothing tunes and begin exploring its various features.

3-6 months
Use the mat’s fun musical features to engage baby and help extend tummy time, playing with the stand-alone fun Elephant Kicker, which can be detached and used independently in the crib or even on-the-go. The musical feedback and various features will help baby learn about cause and effect.

6+ months
Let your growing baby enjoy playing with the set of musical instruments. As baby grows older, she will be able to play with the musical toys in a more sophisticated way, producing a variety of sounds and tunes.

Whether you have a new baby or an older toddler like mine, this play mat has something to appeal to babies and toddlers of all ages! The Gymini Musical Friends mat will keep them entertained and learning as they grow!


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Product Description

A musical Gymini that is a real festival of sounds and melodies
Musical baby gym that stimulates and promotes cognitive development, motor skills and various learning processes
A wealth of fun activities and features: stand-alone electronic Elephant Kicker, rattles, teethers, Turtle tambourine mirror and more
Choose between 8 familiar children’s melodies: Bach’s Minuet, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Wheels on the Bus, Alphabet Song and more
Enjoy a whole set of musical instruments especially designed for toddlers!
Fine Motor Skills


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