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Growing up on the East Coast with all its beauty cemented fall as my favorite season despite the lack of fall foliage here in California! When I saw the cover of Bella’s Fall Coat with all the beautiful leaves it brought me right back to fall in New Hampshire as a child and all the wonderful things the season brings.

The story and beautiful illustrations continued to make me feel nostalgic. It brought back all my favorite memories of fall like jumping in a pile of the leaves and the sound of them crunching beneath your feet and the taste of a newly plucked apple made even sweeter by the fact that it was self picked.

Bella enjoys all these things as she whisks through her days full speed ahead despite her Gram trying to get her to slow down. Bella has outgrown her fall coat but refuses to accept this and continues to wear it as it literally  unravels. Just like the passing days of childhood and the inevitable changes that brings; she refuses to listen until forced by circumstance to face the present and looming future.

Bella discovers as she wears her new coat and finds a fun use for her old one that change isn’t always bad. It’s a great reminder to enjoy the moment but not dread the future because it holds wonders of its own.

The whimsical illustrations tell a story of their own and Susan Gal truly captivated the heart of Lynn Plourde’s story bringing it to life in pictures. Bella’s Fall Coat is a wonderful read to enjoy in this season of fall.


About the Book

Bella loves the sights and sounds of fall–the crinkle-crackle of fallen leaves, the crunch of crisp, red apples, the honking and flapping of migrating geese. She wants the season to last forever. She also wants her fall coat–the one her Grams made especially for her–to last forever. But the coat is worn-out and too small. . . . With a snip and a whir, Grams makes sure Bella will be warm when the first snowflakes fall. And Bella finds a perfect use for her old favorite coat–on the first snowman of the season.

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