High School Declassified by Dave Milbrandt, MA #Review


Even though I don’t yet have high schoolers I definitely want to be prepared for that phase in life because it’s coming! I want to have a rough idea of what I’m going into ahead of time, not seek out help when I’m already knee deep in high school angst!

Reading High School Declassified I would equate to classes or books prepping for the SAT’s. You don’t just want to go in blind without any idea of what you are going to experience. This is like a handy guidebook to prepare for what’s coming and to advise for those that are already there.

While I initially assumed this was just for parents, after reading it I actually think that it would be highly beneficial for high schoolers to read as well. They will see their teachers for what they truly are; human beings with thoughts and feelings of their own, many of them positively directed towards their students! If ever they wondered what their teacher was thinking, this book pretty much answers it all!

The book starts out with four different perspectives or “Dossier’s” including student, teacher, school staff and parents and guardians. It provides great insight into each and demonstrates the depth of Milbrandt’s understanding of all aspects of education and the impact each relationship has on it and each other.

Next he dives into many conflicts that can arise in school and provides sound advice and solutions to them. From bullying to unfair treatment that can arise he covers a variety of problems experienced by today’s high school students. Sadly I have already seen many of these at the elementary level as well.

Lastly he gives six steps to success. This is probably my favorite section because I am a problem solver. It’s not just about naming the problems; it’s about solutions! Too often I hear people bashing the public education system but they aren’t doing anything to improve it themselves.

Each chapter ends with questions that allow opportunity for reflection and to dive deeper. It makes you think about and apply directly to you and your child. It really gave me things to think about and focus on before entering the high school years.

Milbrandt’s obvious love of his job and genuine care of his students shines throughout. His wealth of experience has given him the unique opportunity to educate parents entering this journey of high school. I have a small measure of comfort knowing that there are educators like this out there teaching our future and understanding the impact each person has on their journey. High School Declassified is like a cheat sheet for parents! I feel much better equipped to face the high school years head on!




About the Book

Sometimes going to high school seems to be just as hard for parents as it is for their children. How much should you trust her to make good decisions? What do you do when he is struggling in one subject or wants to take advanced class in another one? How can teachers and staff help your kids succeed? A former reporter turned veteran teacher, Dave Milbrandt uses his storyteller’s skill and distinctive insights to help you understand the different players in the educational process and how we can work together. Employing a blend of humor and wisdom, he demystifies the high school experience in this compact guide designed to entertain as it enlightens.

About the Author

Dave Milbrandt, a high school teacher since 2005 and writer since junior high, loves his wife, students, fine milk chocolates, politics, a good book or two and T.V. and films that don’t talk down to their audiences. Dave’s previous works include Chasing Deception and Canada Jones and the Legend of the True Cross.


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