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It’s my favorite time of the year; the kids are going back to school! Happily my kids both enjoy school as much as I did so it’s always an exciting time! We love finding out who their teachers will be, what friends will be in their classes and of course, back to school shopping! This year my kids needed new backpacks and shoes and just a couple outfits.

One thing that should be on the back to school checklist but gets left off of many is getting kids eyes checked! Since both my husband and I have had to wear glasses most of our lives, it was second nature for us to start getting our kids eyes checked as toddlers. However, for parents with perfect vision especially, it’s not something people always think about until there is a problem. Waiting until there’s an obvious problem though can be detrimental to their vision.

At back to school night I met some parents with a child in my third graders class. They said that they didn’t know their son had a vision problem until it became obvious to the teacher. He didn’t know it because his eyes had always been this way so he didn’t know the difference. Because he had missed so much material in class by not being able to see, he actually had to repeat that grade! All could have been prevented with a regular eye exam at the Doctor. Approximately 80% of what children learn comes through their eyes!

Check out this video on what it’s like for kids with poor vision in a classroom.

This month is National Eye Exam Awareness Month to bring light to this need! The statistics of those that don’t get their kids regular eye exams are rather alarming! Sixty percent of parents don’t think eye exams are necessary and 24% wait for their child to have a problem before they take them to the Doctor!

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We get our teeth cleaned twice a year and don’t wait until we have pain. We get our kids annual checkups and don’t take them just when they are sick. Getting a regular eye exam should be another part of the regular routine of preventative care yet half of all parents believe you only need it if your child wears glasses or contacts. With 25% of school aged children needing glasses, it’s not something that we can ignore.

My eight year old Reed had to get glasses before starting first grade. He was borderline where he could see ok with them, unless he was far away from the front of the class. Luckily this day and age, glasses are a cool accessory and not an embarrassment like when I got my first pair at six!


In fact, my other two children actually want them! My seven year old daughter was disappointed at her exam when she didn’t need them. My two year old likes to take big brothers glasses because he wants to do everything just like him. Luckily I know that means there won’t be a problem if he needs them someday! (Disclaimer: I know that wearing other peoples glasses can be harmful to the eye of those that don’t need them. I took them away right after taking this picture).


Eye exams are necessary preventative care and can help kids succeed in school. Undiagnosed bad vision can cause many problems such as headaches, worsening vision and as mentioned in the example above, can be detrimental to a childs’ success in school.


Thankfully there are many resources available to those that don’t know where to start. You can find a local eye care professional here.

With kids going back to school this month and next, it’s important to think about your eyes and not just your accessories! Their success in school and making the health of their eyes a priority depend on it.



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