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My seven year old daughter recently did her first Once Upon a Craft set the twelve dancing princesses and she was immediately hooked and eager to do another! This time we tried the Rapunzel one.


Just like the other set it came with a book and two easy crafts that include everything you need in the box and don’t require any additional material.


We started out reading the book. Paige is required to do twenty minutes of reading a day for second grade anyway so this is the perfect opportunity to do her reading on a story that interests her.


She noticed while reading it the differences between the book and the Disney movie. This book is the original story and not the modified movie version. It was a great opportunity to compare and contrast the two and so she was really interested to see how this one would end!

The first craft we did was making a Rapunzel headpiece with cascading “hair.” This was really easy to do by simply making the crown fit to her head and hooking it in the corresponding slot. To make the braid we just looped each piece through and then attached it with the pre-cut slots in each end. I had to help her with the first few because she struggled to get the ends attached. It’s definitely a good hand eye coordination and fine muscle exercise!


Next we built the castle. We followed the suggestion in the included directions to first put it together to see how it goes, then disassemble to decorate and then reassemble. This was great problem solving like putting together a puzzle and a bit of engineering to construct that castle! She also got to be creative and put the included stickers wherever she wanted.


My daughter really enjoys the Once Upon a Craft sets and both times her little brother has come along and wanted to be included. Because of the ability to take apart and put back together without any permanence aside from the stickers, he got to do both crafts as well.


I think one of my favorite things about Once Upon a Craft is that you still have the book to keep when you are done with the craft. I have a really hard time spending money on crafts that are done once and then it’s over. This gives you something to hold onto long after the craft has been lost or destroyed.

These sets are a great combination of working on reading as well as feeding my daughters love of crafts and putting it all together in her mind as well as with her hands!


Product Description

The Big Idea
Bring the action-packed tale of Rapunzel to life! Read the story together; then, watch the creativity climb as your child builds and decorates Rapunzel’s tower and creates a beautifully braided Rapunzel crown!


Shhh…They’re Learning!
Encourages a life-long love of reading
Helps increase vocabulary
Helps develop fine motor skills
Inspires creativity


Cut to the Chase
Read the story together, then enjoy 2 mess-free, story-based crafts!
Includes 24-page, full-color, illustrated storybook, Rapunzel, with tips for reading aloud and additional activity ideas
Rapunzel’s tower craft includes 5 printed foam castle pieces and 3 sheets of decorative foam stickers
Braided crown craft includes 10 printed paper braid “loops” and a paper headband adorned with flowers


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