Announce Your Baby’s Birth With These Fun Ideas

After nine months of patiently waiting, your happy and healthy baby has finally arrived. Whether this is your first or third baby, your life will never be the same again. Naturally, you want everyone to know that your baby has arrived. It’s likely your friends and family will be eagerly awaiting the new too. Announcing the birth of a baby might seem very traditional, but it’s something that many parents continue to do. As well as sharing your good news, it allows you so to provide valuable information about your new baby. From their name to the date they were born, these are all details that your loved ones will want to know.

So how do you tell the world about your new bundle of joy? While you could just call everyone and tell them, this can take time which you may not have right now. So instead, why not try one of these fun and innovative announcement ideas.



Social Media

It’s hardly surprising that many parents choose to announce their baby’s arrival on social media nowadays. It’s a quick and convenient way of letting everyone you know about your news. But instead of just doing a basic status update, why not make it really special. You can take a photo of your baby in one of their cutest outfits on your phone or a camera. You might even want to arrange a newborn photo shoot. You can position them next to a chalkboard with their name, birthdate and weight written onto it. Alternatively, you can add this on using editing programs like Photoshop. You can then upload them onto your preferred social media sites.

However, it is polite to call your parents and siblings to let them know first before posting anything online. Also remember that not everyone uses social media. So you might have to let these friends and relatives know another way such as email or picture message.


Create a blog

A blog is another fun and fantastic option you might want to consider. This will not only be a perfect way to tell everyone about your new baby, but it can keep them regularly updated on their development. If you don’t have friends and family nearby, this is a perfect way to stay connected. Use a blogging site that offers free hosting and start uploading pictures, videos and posts about your baby. You can set this to private and only give the address to your closest friends and family if you wish. Set aside some time each week to update your blog and talk about your baby’s milestones.

If you continue to do this throughout your baby’s life, it can also be a wonderful keepsake to look back on. When your child gets older, you can look at your blog posts from their early stages of their life. You can share stories and show them pictures of just how small they used to be.


Handmade Postcards

Postcards are something that many people only send when they are on vacation. But they can also be an incredible way of announcing your baby’s birth. While there is nothing wrong with pre-designed postcards, handmade ones are more creative. They can also be more personal and totally customized to your requirements.

You can find packs of blank postcards online or from most reputable stationery stores. It’s best to work out how many people you want to send the postcard to before you buy to ensure you have enough. Alternatively, you can recycle card from your home to create your postcards. You can decorate your postcard with a photograph of your baby or stickers. If you have older children, why not ask them to do a drawing of your family onto the postcards. Don’t just stick to the usual rectangular shape either. Consider a circle, triangles or even pram shapes for something truly unique. Find the addresses of your loved ones and put your postcard inside an envelope to protect it. This will be a wonderful thing for your family and friends to receive, especially if you’ve made it yourself.

Whichever option you decide, always ensure the information you provide is entirely accurate beforehand. The last thing you want is for your family to get your baby’s name or birthday wrong. Also, don’t feel too pressured to send out your announcement right away. You will understandably have other priorities to attend to and want to bond with your newborn. So don’t worry if it takes you a few months to get around to it. Enjoy this time with your baby and make the announcement when it feels right.

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