Pregnant? 8 Unmissable Tips To Cut The Costs Of Having A Baby

Becoming pregnant is an exciting time for a couple. You can’t wait for the baby to arrive, but there is so much you need to do to prepare! It can be so expensive with reports suggesting parents spend over $10,000 on the baby’s first year. This amount is on top of the costs of hospital bills when you have your little one and everything you need before baby arrives! Here are eight unmissable tips to cut the costs of having a baby!



Don’t buy unnecessary items

One tip you need to cut the costs of having a baby is you need to avoid buying unnecessary items. It can be hard when there is so much advertising suggesting an item is essential for your baby. But it’s unlikely you do need it for your little one if you have never heard of it before. Speak to moms about items they required during the first few months of their baby’s life. They will be able to give you some advice on items which are not necessary. You shouldn’t overbuy on clothes either. Your child will grow out of them so quickly that you will find you won’t use half the stuff. Also, you will get so many gifts of clothes and toys at your baby shower, and when the baby is born, that you don’t need to go out and buy them yourself! Make a baby gift list so that friends and family members are buying items you wanted to get. You can find a list of essentials items you need to buy on

Shop online for good deals

Another tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you need to shop online for good deals. A lot of online sites will do the item for half the price of what you will pay in store. You need to compare the price online for the same item before you buy it in store. You can search online as there are so many different sites selling baby items. Just make sure you check out reviews before you buy. You can also use cash back sites like Ebates. If you buy baby items through their links with Amazon, you can get some money back. You can find out more on You can also find coupons online which you can use in stores. You might be able to get a huge discount off your baby shopping. Always have a look online for the best deals before you go shopping. You can also find supermarket events where you can save a lot of money on baby items.

Go for second-hand items

An additional tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you need to go for second-hand items. A lot of people will sell items they received as a gift for their baby but never had a chance to use. Therefore, you are purchasing something that’s brand new for half the price! You can find items in a good condition on sites like Ebay which you can buy for your baby. You can ask around your mommy friends as they may have items they don’t need anymore. You should always buy items like the crib and car seat brand new to ensure the safety of your baby.

Get creative making your own clothes

Another unmissable tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you need to get creative making your own clothes. You will be surprised how much you can save if you make your bibs and blankets for your little one. As we discussed before, you can get a computerized sewing machine which will make it easier for you to create the items. It’s nice to make something unique which no one else will buy your baby!

Breastfeed your baby

An additional unmissable tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you should consider breastfeeding your baby. You will save a fortune on formula if you naturally feed your little one. You might be surprised to know that formula can cost between $60-100 a month! It’s an expensive cost that can break the bank. Therefore, it’s worth at least trying to breastfeed your baby. If you can’t, it’s best to buy the powder formula which is cheaper than the liquid concentrate.

Go natural with the birth

Another unmissable tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you should consider going natural with the birth. You need to get some good insurance cover before you start trying for a child. Otherwise, you will have to get saving your own money in time for the birth. It’s best to try and have as natural a birth as possible. Medical costs will soon rise if you keep asking for extras during the birth. You might be shocked to know that epidurals can cost up to $2000! So by trying to go natural, you could be saving a lot of money! They can often prolong the birth, so it’s worth trying to get through the pain!

Go for items you can reuse like wipes

One unmissable tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you should go for items you can reuse. That way, it saves you having to keep having to pay out for more of the same item. You can buy reusable wipes which will save you a lot of money in the long run. They are so handy with your baby that you will go through loads of them. Therefore, buying reusable ones will save you some money! Remember to buy items in bulk as well to save money.

Don’t buy shoes

Another unmissable tip to cut the costs of having a baby is you should not buy any shoes. They can end up costing you a fortune if you buy several pairs of shoes for your little one. As this article explains, putting them in shoes can actually delay them walking! Therefore, stay away from baby shoes.

Also, you should ask someone else to arrange your baby shower. It will save you a ton of money, and stress, as a friend or family member will sort everything out for you!

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