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My little explorer just loves new tools to help him learn more about his world! Since this is the age of discovery, I want to encourage learning about as much as I can while his brain is like a sponge soaking up the information AND while he still wants to! If a few bright colored tools help encourage him, I’m all for it!

The latest tool for learning Jax has enjoyed is another from the GeoSafari® Jr. collection called My First Telescope.


It comes basically fully assembled. You just have to attach the scope to the stand and you’re ready to go! When in doubt, read the directions! Even if you have the assembly down, there’s always suggestions on how to use them with your child to maximize learning.



The stand is easy to set up and take down as it collapses easily. There is an orange cap on the end for protection that even my toddler could put on and take off himself. In fact he did this for quite a while before he bothered looking through it, just because he could!



The purple view part is soft and cushioned, perfect for a toddler face but also has a little give so they can push their faces right up against it for a form fit.


Another cool feature is that it can swivel in any direction. I like that it really replicates a real telescope which is appropriate since their first telescope should prepare them for the real deal later in life!


Now the big question: is it an actual working telescope? Well there’s definitely some magnification. In fact inside it is almost too much as everything appears blurry since it’s designed to see far away. It has 10x magnification which is better suited outdoors. When you take it out to view the night sky it does make the moon look cool but there’s not a whole lot more detail than the naked eye. It just looks bigger and closer. It is the perfect introduction to a telescope with similar working parts in a kid friendly form! Educational Insights hits it home with this one yet again!




Product Description

The Big Idea
Discover amazing, up-close lunar exploration with GeoSafari® Jr. My First Telescope! Little ones can explore the moon with this focus-free telescope, built specifically for little hands and growing minds. Perfect for STEM learning. The 10x magnification provides fantastic views of the moon, while keeping the field of vision wide, which is essential for young children’s understanding of magnified views.

Shhh…They’re Learning!
Ideal tool for preschoolers interested in space and the moon
Encourages exploration and discovery
Provides hands-on experience with a scientific tool
Introduces the wonders of space
Perfect for STEM learning

Cut to the Chase
Focus-free, easy-setup telescope designed specifically for young scientists
10x Magnification with wide field of vision, built-in diagonal mirror, and lens cap
Two large eyepieces with comfy goggle and nose cut-out guide for perfect eye placement
Adjustable tripod for tabletop viewing (collapsible for easy storage)
Multilingual instructional guide showcasing the phases of the moon


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