Time To Start A New School Year? 11 Pieces Of Advice Moms Must Follow!

With the summer holidays going by so quickly, it won’t be long before our little ones need to go back to school. It can be stressful for parents trying to get everything ready for kids, but it’s so important to be prepared for the new school year. There’s so much to organize that parents often start sorting it at the start of the holidays! Here are 11 pieces of advice moms must follow when it’s time to start a new school year.



Check what they will be studying this year

One of the first pieces of advice for moms when it’s time to start a new school year is to check what your little one will be studying this year.  You want to prepare them for the work that they will be completing when they get back to school. You should be able to find a guide online to what they will be studying this year. Or you could ask the school for advice on what the children will be studying. Once you know, you can easily pick up some books to help your kid to start to learn before they get back to school. It will ensure they get a boost, so they get the best grade possible this year.

Ensure they start learning again at home

Another thing moms must do when it’s time to start a new school year is to ensure your child starts learning again at home. It’s so easy for the summer months to be full of fun and play for your kid. You go on a summer vacation, so they aren’t thinking about school work at all! But you need to make sure your child starts doing some educational activities, so they are ready to go back to school. Sit with them and try and go through their maths. You can get some activity books which they will be able to complete. Make sure your kids start reading books again at the end of the summer break. As we discussed before, try and take at least 10-15 minutes a day reading to help your kids to have the best future possible.  If you don’t have time to work with them at home, you could send them to a couple of school clubs which will be on during the summer. It will help boost their Maths and English, so they are ready to start learning when they get back to school!

Buy your kids new clothes for schools

You also need to get your kids some new clothes, so they are ready to start a new school year. A lot of stores have good deals on clothes throughout the summer. However, they do tend to put up the prices just before kids return, so go as early as possible to find some new clothes for their school. You can often find some vouchers online to help you get discounts off new clothes for kids. You should check if there are any restrictions before buying new clothes for your child . You don’t want to buy them something which won’t be suitable for school. Make sure you don’t overspend when it comes to buying new clothes for your kid. Just get them the basics they will need, and then you can buy more as the year progresses! Also, make sure you choose a great pair of sneakers, so they are comfortable all day long at school.

Make sure they have a handy school bag

Another piece of advice moms must follow when it’s time to start a new school year is to find your kids a new handy school bag. Their old bag is likely to have a lot of wear and tear after the last school year. Therefore, it’s time to buy them a new bag to hold all their belongings. You should make sure you check out several school bags before deciding which one to go for. They should have a guide on them about how much weight it can hold. Make sure you check the material as well. You want one that is durable and will survive in all weathers. You need to check with the school if they have any preference on school bags for kids. Some might not want your kids with messenger bags or bags with wheels. Check with them if there are any rules with color as well.

Get them kitted out with stationery

You need also to make sure your kid is kitted out with good stationery when it’s time to start a new school year. They will need a great new pencil case which they will have fun choosing. Then you will have to find them some good pens, pencils, and an eraser they can use when at school. The school should send you a supply list before the school year starts, so you can ensure you get everything they need before they return to school. Stores will often recommend items you need to buy and put them in one section.



Get to know their teacher

Another piece of advice moms must follow when it’s time to start a new school year is get to know your kid’s new teacher. You should have found out who your kid will be with when they finished the last school year. You can also ask the school who their new teacher will be. You should talk to them about what you can be doing to help your kid progress over the next year. It’s always good to be on a friendly basis with your kid’s teacher. It will help if you need to speak to them if you are worried about your kid. You will also want to get to know them, so you know what to get them for Christmas and end of summer term from your kid! It can be hard to buy them presents, but you can find ideas online such as 5amily’s Recommended Gifts for Teachers once you know what they like! If they are a new teacher, you could take a good luck card in with your kid to start the year off on a friendly basis!

Put your kids back into a routine

Moms must also make sure your kids are back into a routine before it’s time to start a new school year. You have likely stopped making them go to bed so early at night, and getting up early during the summer. It can be hard when you are on holiday as they stay up a lot later at night. Therefore, you need to start getting them back into this routine so they will be ready for school. Otherwise, they will be exhausted when they need to get up early again in the morning.

Let your kids spend time with the other children in their class

Another piece of advice moms must follow when it’s time to start a new school year is to ensure your kids start hanging around with the children who will be in their new class. Arrange some playdates so they will get to know the kids better who will be in their class. If they are going to be heading to a new school, you should make an effort to get to know the families in the neighborhood. Arrange for your kids to have a playdate so they will feel happier about knowing other children when they go to the new school. They can travel together to school on their first day, which can stop any nerves your kid may be happening.

Get your kid a haircut for photos

You should also make sure your child gets a haircut before they start a new school year. They will be in some school photos sometime in the first few weeks of school. Therefore, you want them to look smart in the photos which you will be displaying in your home. Also, it’s good for them to look nice and tidy when it’s time to head back to school!

Sign up your kid for some new clubs

Another piece of advice you must follow when it’s time to start a new school year is to sign up your kid for some new clubs. Talk to your child about what they would like to do over the next year such as swimming or aerobics. A lot of the clubs start in September, so it’s important that you get your kid signed up for the classes before the start of the school year.

Think of some good lunch and breakfast ideas

You should also make sure you think of some good lunch and breakfast ideas when it’s time to start the new school year. Your kids may be bored of the same old packed lunch every day at school. You can look online or find a great recipe book with some new ideas for a healthy breakfast and lunch. As this article explains, a healthy and nutritious breakfast will help fuel your kid, so they are ready for learning. Don’t try and make anything too over complicated; you will run out of time in the morning!

Remember to talk to your child about going back to school so they can prepare themselves. You also need to prepare yourself for saying goodbye if it’s going to be their first year at school!


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