Celebrate National Coloring Day in the Garden of Eden! @Zonderkidz #Zonderkidz


Today is National Coloring Day so what better what to spend the day than coloring of course! I recently got the Garden of Eden coloring book and decided to keep this one for myself! I loved all the possibilities of color in this book and it gives me something to do when sitting side by side with my kids coloring in their books!

I like the more simple drawings where there are simple things like just an animal on the page.


My other favorite is flowers because there are so many options for color. Of course in the Garden of Eden there are plenty of flowers!


The pages I didn’t like as much were the ones that continued onto another page. It made it hard to color in where the binding is. Plus I lose interest in doing the larger more detailed pictures.


I guess I’m showing my age when I say that I can only do these in short periods of time before my eyes start to hurt! Some of the pictures are so detailed that they have very small sections and my eyes tire easily from doing them.

I do find coloring to be extremely relaxing and enjoy spending the time with my kids. The Garden of Eden coloring book is a beautiful one with so many possibilities and has already provided me with hours of relaxation and entertainment!




About the Book

God created humans in his image and placed them in a garden. In the Garden of Eden Coloring Book, you will find beautiful biblical scenes for coloring and relaxation. This book is an invitation to use the creative potential God has given you. Unleash your imagination, relieve your stress, reflect on biblical messages, and delight in God’s world.

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