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We just got back from a family vacation at Mission Bay in San Diego. Our days were filled with fun in the sun and lots of exploring! My kids are all natural explorers and love to discover the gems of the ocean! This time we brought the GeoSafari® Jr. SubScope™  from Educational Insights that definitely added a whole level of discovery!



Quite simply, it’s exactly what it sounds like it would be! It looks like a little submarine but has a scope inside to help you see what’s underneath the water. My kids all enjoyed this one! My six year old daughter Paige was looking through it for a long time trying to find seashells close to the shoreline. When she actually spotted a fish she decided to move out deeper to see what else she could find!


It is really easy to use and pretty self explanatory. You just hold the goggle end up to your face placing the other end in the water. The goggles are soft so they don’t hurt the face and stretch a little so it can fit all faces. It does a great job of magnifying things and was a lot more impressive than I expected from a toy. It’s a working scope for kids!


To ad to the exploration fun, there is also an LED light insight! You do have to install batteries which is easy enough and then you are able to light up the water underneath you. Sadly if the water is murky, as it was in a lot of the bay water, it’s only going to light up the murky water. You need to use it in clear water for good visibility but then it can help you see things that may be shadowed or under a rock.

While it is designed to use in the water, it does also work outside of it, almost like a big pair of binoculars. My two year old wasn’t too keen on getting in the ocean so he spent most of his time on shore. That didn’t stop him from exploring though! You could just see his amazement of the magnification. He would put it up to his face and then take it away to look at the same thing at normal size. It was quite entertaining watching him do this!


The scope is appropriately designed in bright colors like the sea and we had  a lot of kids come and ask us what it was. It definitely had visual appeal! My whole family was impressed with the GeoSafari® Jr. SubScope™ and we can’t wait to use it on some more summer adventures!




Product Description

The Big Idea
Curious minds can discover wonderful underwater worlds—without getting their heads wet—with this super submarine-shaped scope. Its 2x magnification is just strong enough for “whoas” and “cools” but low enough to allow for a wide field of view, which is essential for young children’s understanding of up-close exploration. Perfect for STEM learning or pretend play!

Shhh…They’re Learning!
Ideal tool for underwater exploration
Encourages outdoor exploration and discovery
Perfect for STEM learning

Cut to the Chase
Sturdy, focus-free, water-resistant scope with 2x magnification and 3 LED lights
Two large eyepieces with comfy goggle and nose cut-out guide for perfect eye placement
2x Magnification
Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Multilingual instructional guide


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