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As a mom spending the summer at home with my three little ones, I admit I have started counting down the days until school starts again! I’m ready to get back to the routine and schedule of things. My type A personality can’t handle any more lazy days and freedom! I like structure and organization and while I’ve enjoyed these weeks and months making memories with my kids, I look forward to the school year kicking off!


I recently shared with you how a2 Milk® is helping combat my tummy troubles and since I switched our whole family from regular milk, it’s been helping my kids with tummy troubles as well. My oldest son Reed is eight years old and has been treated for digestive issues his whole life. Switching to a2 Milk®  has really helped him in that area. He never used to drink milk but now it’s become a regular part of his diet.

While it’s not yet available in every store, our local Sprouts carries it so we shop there.


Just like regular milk it’s available in fat free, 1 or 2% and whole milk.


Last time I shopped they were out of a few, probably because of that fabulous coupon for $1.00 off but had stock of our favorite 1%.


While my daughter buys hot lunch at school, my son can’t eat a lot of what they provide so I pack him his lunches. The last few months of the school year I incorporated a2 Milk® into his packed lunch. Now that he’s gotten used to drinking milk again, it’s time to ad more back into his diet. Our regular after school snack is the perfect opportunity!


I usually try to have them eat something somewhere in the middle of treat and healthy! I have found Fig Newtons are a great middle ground because my kids have always called them cookies and aren’t aware that they really aren’t! What good are cookies without milk?


Studies have shown that one in four Americans experience tummy troubles even though only somewhere between 5 – 7% have actually been diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Our new after school snack would be perfect for kids who experience this!


Going back to school is a really big event every year! Thanks to the a2 Milk Company™ I have even more healthy options to offer my kids that won’t cause them any discomfort. After all, returning to school causes enough tummy troubles because of nerves as it is! Now I can welcome them home with something that will settle their tummies instead of upset them! We are looking forward to another great school year!


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