How to Provide Teething Relief in a Fun Way! #Teething


Teething is no fun for anyone. Baby is miserable and so mommy is miserable! There is nothing worse than seeing your little one in pain and feeling helpless to do anything about it. I have tried all the different kinds of teething rings including the ones you freeze but my kids never cared for them and quickly disposed of them. In order for them to even want to put something in their mouth, it has to appeal to them in some way!

The benefit of a teething toy as opposed to teething medication or numbing with cold is that it appeals to the baby. It provides a distraction to them as well as some relief and with the right one, can even help with things like hand eye coordination and starting to identify with color.


The Babynow Teether Ball does all of these things and more.


It has definite visual appeal from the start. All three of my kids wanted to play with them as soon as they saw them, even the eight year old. He was playing catch with them with his little brother. After all, it is a ball!

Most importantly it appeals to babies. They immediately pick them up and start to play. It doesn’t take long to discover that with a little shake there is a musical rattle inside. Once they discover that, the shaking ensues! Of course they alternate this with sticking it in the mouth!

The long spikes are easy to put in their mouth while also making it easy to hold in their hands without dropping. They aren’t too long to choke or gag; just long enough to provide some relief to those sore gums.


I like that it includes two because it gives them something to alternate between and has different colors for them to discover. It’s also nice to have a backup you can keep in the diaper bag in case one goes missing!

Teething is a hard stage but it doesn’t have to be complete misery! These teether balls are fun and provide relief at the same time so everyone wins!




Product Description

SECRET MUSICAL BELL – Babies will love the sweet ringing sound of the brass bell hidden inside the sensory ball while captivating little minds and stimulating multiple senses with bright and attentive colors
STIMULATE COGNITIVE SKILLS in precious baby development through VISION TOUCH and SOUND stimulation with patent pending MODERN 3 dimensional design
BPA FREE + FREEZER SAFE: The unique star ball design and texture for chewing, gnawing, touching, playing to MINIMIZE PAIN from teething while promoting INFANT WELL BEING
SAVE PARENTS TIME: Innovative design will attract baby’s attention for hours of enjoyment while promoting positive MOOD and distraction for your child as a bouncing ball, teether, rattle and sensory play toy
PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT: Includes 2 with different colors appropriate to WOW any boy, girl or twins – Buy BABYNOW Products with confidence as shown in high ratings on

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