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When we got the new game Wave of the Wand – A Cinderella Game; I asked my kids who wanted to play, fully expecting it to be just my daughter Paige and me. My eight year old son surprised me when he said he wanted to play! Just because it’s a Cinderella theme, does not make it a “girls game.”



It is a really cute game that even I enjoyed playing! I always play new games with my kids the first time around to make sure they understand the rules and directions. A neat feature of this one is that in additional to the enclosed directions in a pamphlet, they are also printed right on the inside of the box so you can’t lose them! Genius!


It’s a fairly simple game so I’d agree with the age recommendation of ages 4 – 6; although my eight year old and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well!

Each player games a game card to start the game.


The object of the game is to be the first to get to the palace by filling each of the colored spaces with a corresponding token. The tokens all start out in the center of the playing area with the “Cinderella” side up.


When it is moved to the players board, it is turned over to the princess side. I thought this was a cute concept BUT a wee bit confusing. Luckily the handy directions on the box show you the images and what category they fall under. Once you remember them all it’s fairly simple. Truth be told it probably wouldn’t even matter which side it’s on, as long as you fill your card with the right color. It’s just a fun way to recognize the transformation from Cinderella to Princess.

To play the game you place the three dice into the magic wand and then roll them out of there.


This is another fun little attention to detail but drop gently because those dice will roll!


Whichever colors they land on; the player selects that color of token for their board and whoever fills their card first wins. There are a couple fun little differences on the dice. The clock means you lose a token and the fairy godmother means you get to pick whatever you want!


The game says it’s for 2 – 4 players but we quickly discovered that any more than two is too much. We ran out of the tokens and then just had to keep going around and around waiting for someone to get the clock and have to put one back and then around and around for someone to roll that one and for it to happen to be one of the last ones they needed. We couldn’t finish it the first time we played. The next time I let just the two kids play and it went faster and smoother without running out of tokens. It really should say two players OR include more tokens.


When they played alone, Reed actually won the first time! He won the prize of the glass slipper! Paige was not happy that the won her GIRL game!


Wave of the Wand – A Cinderella Game is a really fun game for the kids and mom too! Sadly it would take two sets for more than two to play together but I’m definitely happy to let my kids play together without me!




Product Description

The Big Idea
Become Cinderella for a day! Players take turns flicking the Magical Wand Shaker and placing matching colored tokens on their castle cards. The first to fill her castle with tokens wins the game AND the “glass” slipper!

Shhh…They’re Learning!
Reinforces color learning and helps hone strategic thinking skills
Helps increase fine motor skills
Promotes sharing and turn taking
Helps develop social skills

Cut to the Chase
A magical, color-matching race to the castle, perfect for preschoolers
Includes Magical Wand Shaker, 3 colorful dice, 20 color-coded tokens, 4 Castle cards, and 1 “glass” slipper
Multilingual instructions
No reading required for gameplay!
For 2–4 players


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