Goodbye Play-Doh; Hello Play Foam! @edu_insights #EducationalInsights


My kids have all enjoyed play foam at the library but I never knew where to get it before u saw the Undersea Adventures from Educational Insights. My two youngest immediately tore into it!


Unfortunately they took and mixed all the colors before I could get a picture. Fortunately since they look like individual little balls, it looks just as cute mixed up! In fact it looks like it was designed that way because it blends so perfectly, unlike play doh that becomes a hot mess the instant you mix colors.


Another bonus is that it’s not as sticky and messy as play doh. Upon first touch I thought it felt sticky and just imagined it all stuck in my carpet right alongside the play doh that’s been smashed in. However, your hands aren’t left with sticky feeling and when you put it on something like the table, it is easily removed without leaving anything behind. I read after he fact that there is a no stick formula. It’s genius!


Last but not least, the vey best feature! It never dries out! No more wasted play doh. This stuff can’t dry out so it never gets ruined. I will never go back again!


The one downside which doesn’t really concern me is my daughter tried to use her play doh molds to make things and it didn’t work. However, cookie cutters do somewhat along with the rest of her play doh tools like rollers and scissors.


The fact that it’s an Undersea Adventures set seems pointless because it all gets mixed up and are just standard colors anyway. It makes for cute packaging but once you open it, bye bye undersea!


My kids have always been fans of play doh while I have not, for all the aforementioned reasons. Now we have play foam which is the perfect alternative. Everyone wins! This set doesn’t come with a whole lot but enough for the price. We will be definitely be adding to it!




Product Description

The Big Idea
Get ”in shape” with no-mess Playfoam®! Let little imaginations soar with this all-new, undersea-themed, squishy-squashy set that can be shaped and sculpted over and over again.

Shhh…They’re Learning
Great sensory learning tool
Helps develop visual artistic talent
Encourages creative play
Cut to the Chase
Non-toxic molding material
Perfect for party favors
Easy to store and won’t dry out
Won’t stick to carpet, clothing, or any other fabric!


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