How to Keep the Kids Happy Indoors when it’s Scorching Outside! #Incredibuilds


My kids love to do crafts, especially my six year old daughter Paige. When I read about Incredibundles I figured it was right up her alley. As a mom there were several things that appealed to me as well.

First of all, everything you need comes in the box. There’s nothing worse than having a fun new craft for your kid to try, only to discover that you have to gather several other items like clue and misc pieces some require. This one has little wooden pieces that pop out and then stick together without glue. They have a space on each side for them to connect and slide into each other.


We built the 3D butterfly set and it actually proved to be a little more challenging than expected and Paige needed help with it. They didn’t fit together as easily as I’d hoped, especially the legs which is what you start with. I even snapped one in half trying to push it in. Luckily it came with extras so this must be a common problem. After the legs the larger pieces were much easier to deal with and connected easier.


Together we finished it in about twenty minutes. The diagram which shows you the parts is hard to read the really small numbers. Luckily the picture directions make it easy and we figured it out that way.


The finished product is really cute and Paige was proud to have something she built herself. Once completed you can paint or color it. In retrospect it’s probably easier to color before assembling if you go that route but luckily Paige is all about the paint!

This set is rated age 8+ which sounds about right since she’s almost 7 and couldn’t quite do alone. The Harry Potter set we tried for my 8 year old was easier for my son but he still required assistance from me to piece together and interpret some of the directions.


There are other sets available that are right inline with what’s really popular right now like Finding Dory and Star Wars!


These Incredibuild sets are really fun and come in a variety of styles with levels of difficulty increasing with the age of the child. It was a fun project to do on these days of summer that are too hot to play outside but need to be entertained inside! Some of them even come with hardbound books for a fun story to go along with the completed project! What a fun and creative way to spend time together this summer!





Product Description

Build and Color the Gem of the Insect World

The undeniable beauty of butterflies has captured the hearts and minds of people throughout history, inspiring great artwork, poetry, and more. With this exciting new installment in the IncrediBuilds series, both kids and adults can explore their creativity and create unique, displayable art. No glue or tools needed!

Skill Level: Easy



Other Available Incredibuilds

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