How To Fund Your Family Vacation With Ease



Family vacations are a fabulous way of bonding, relaxing and having fun with your loved ones. The memories you make during these trips will last a lifetime. But as brilliant as vacations are, they can also be very expensive. If you’ve only got a limited budget to work with, you might think that the family trip of your dreams is unattainable. You also don’t your vacation to put you in a financial crisis when you get home. Thankfully there are stress-free ways you can fund your family vacation. Read through these tips to get started as soon as possible.

Start a change jar

One of the easiest ways of raising money is to get into the habit of saving your spare change. Start by placing a plastic or glass jar in a prominent area in your home. Encourage your family members to put their loose change into this jar each week. A few pennies here and there might not seem like a lot, but if everyone is involved, it can add up quickly. As well as helping you to raise some spending money for your trip, this activity can also teach your children how to save money. Once you’ve filled your jar, take it to a local coin machine, which are usually found at supermarkets. This machine will count your change and give you notes or coupons back in exchange. You can then use this money to pay for meals, attractions, and accommodation during your trip.



Sell unwanted items

From old toys to clothes, your home is bound to be full of items you no longer use or need. So why not sell them? Go through each room in your home and determine which items you wish to sell. You could hold a garage sale and invite your neighbors round. You could also download selling apps such as Ebay or Depop onto your phone. Don’t just stop at your physical belongings either. You can use sites like Tradebit to sell any unwanted documents, pictures and music from your computer too. This could help you raise the funds you need for your family vacation, while also decluttering your home and computer.

Stop eating out

While eating out is convenient and fun, it could be cutting into your vacation fund. So instead of eating out each week, start cooking inexpensive family meals at home. You can use food blogs like 101 Cookbooks to give you inspiration and shop at a cheaper grocery store for your ingredients. You can then work out how much money you have saved and put this into your vacations saving account each week. You’ll learn new skills and recipes while saving more money for your trip. You can extend this further by taking advantage of free attractions in your local area too.

So whether you need some extra spending money or want to start saving for next year’s vacation, these ideas can help you. It shouldn’t take long for you to save up the money you need to enjoy your family vacation to it’s fullest.

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