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I have a six year old daughter who is going on sixteen! She is super picky about her clothes and accessories. Gone are the days that I could pick out her clothes without her present! Now she has to pick out everything on her own. It’s fun that she’s developed her own little style but frustrating as a parent to try to make decisions for her.

The only thing probably more frustrating is when I actually take her shopping with me and she still can’t make a decision! Kidpik has saved the day for us in the shopping department and the reasons are simple.


What is kidpik?

It’s a unique clothing website that puts the power of choice into the kids hands! They go through a series of questions to create her style profile that help a stylist determine what your child would like.


They get to pick colors, patterns and designs they like but they don’t have to make the final decision. It’s genius! Paige had a lot of fun doing this questionnaire as everything is visual making it easy for non readers and early readers to still make the decisions.


How does it work?

After your child makes all their selections, a stylist picks out clothes and accessories for her based on her particular taste. The box is shipped free of charge and then she gets to pick what she wants to keep. If she doesn’t like something, send it back! You only pay for what you keep. I love this option!

How does it come?

The box arrives addressed to your child. Inside it’s even more personalized! There’s a sticker just for them and a coloring brochure that explains everything.


Paige absolutely loved that it had her name in it!


Here is a video of her unboxing!

How did she like them?

Paige actually loved everything in her box! I was shocked! The stylist did a great job of really picking out  exactly what she would like. She wanted to keep everything! She immediately wanted to do a fashion show for me!

What was included?

Paige’s box included the following: two complete outfits with top and bottom, one dress, one pair of shoes, one sparkly headband and a pouch with fun patches and stickers.

The first outfit in Paige’s modeling show was a Jewel Tee in Light Heather Grey with Twill Shorts in Clover. She paired them with the Pandora Metallic Gladiator sandals that happened to go with all three outfits!


I really liked that the twill shorts had the tabs on the inside to adjust the waist. She is on the smaller side so this helps her get the most use out of them!


The next outfit was a beautiful Sequin Overlay Dress in Peach Amber. When I first saw it, I was concerned. Paige has major texture issues! I saw those beads and thought for sure she’d hate them. Every other dress with sequin’s on it have been too scratchy for her.


Luckily this one had a silky layer on the inside that helped prevent the sequins from touching her skin and scratching her. The lining continues on the outside to protect where it could rub there. She actually shocked me by loving it and telling me it was her favorite! She also added the Rhinestone Headband in white to this outfit. You can never have too much bling!


The last outfit with a Starry Tee in White and Even Stripe Skirt in Ruum Navy will be perfect for the fourth of July coming up! I happen to have a star tank top in the same color so we can match!


She was concerned the top was too big but when I tucked it into the skirt that had an elastic waist band it fit perfectly!


How’s the quality?

The quality of everything is outstanding! These are well made, adorably designed clothes. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail.

For example, in addition to the shorts band and layer under the sequins already mentioned, I noticed (after I tried it on) that the headband had padding on the part that goes behind the ear and usually hurts!

The adorable Pandora Metallic Gladiator sandals in silver that matched all three outfits had what looked like three buckles on the side. Luckily those were just for looks and they really went on with a zipper in the back making it easy for her to do herself! Phew!


Is it expensive?

I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too! These clothes look really nice and having them delivered is a luxury so they must be over priced right? Wrong! They are actually less than the clothes I buy her at department stores!

For example, that adorable dress is $15! The tops and bottoms are all $10 or under each and the shoes are $20!

This whole box is $109.50 for everything. That is less than I expected. Even better, if you buy the whole box you get 30% off! So for this one it would be $76.55. That’s for three complete outfits including shoes and an accessory. You can’t beat that!

In conclusion

Kidpik is a revolutionary idea that puts the power of choice into young girls hands, the confidence of quality and affordability into moms and best of all; we don’t even have to leave the house!




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